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Is Mark Burnett involved in the Frank Shamrock reality show?

MMACalifornia is reporting on a casting call for a new reality show centered around Frank Shamrock’s gym. Zach Arnold wonders aloud if this is the beginning of Mark Burnett’s new reality show. Because there’s nothing I enjoy more than proving Zach wrong Wrong WRONG, I did a little bit of research into the situation.

The email included in the casting call leads us to, which is a cheap parked GoDaddy page … not exactly a good start. Checking out the registry, it shows up as private. The user registered the site in April of this year for one year only, with it’s administration company located in Arizona.

Doing a google search on “Outside the Box Entertainment”, I dug through a ton of different talent agencies, music labels, and other bullshit before finding this guy:

I created Outside the Box Entertainment back in 2000. In addition to my law enforcement career I have always enjoyed writing as a serious second hobby. Supported by an outstanding core of family and friends my writing dreams became reality when I was introduced to Jay Jacobs, a retired V.P. from the William Morris Agency (WMA). Under his leadership, guidance, and direction I was able to finally take all of my creative thoughts and turn them into a reality TV show pilot titled “Under Pressureâ„¢ “.

Unfortunately along the way the process of marketing this show (which allows average sports fans the opportunity to challenge professional athletes in numerous sports challenges) the idea was stolen by a television network and rushed into production under the name “Pros vs. Joes” which airs on Spike TV.

Fortunately for me my Under Pressureâ„¢ idea was copyrighted, trademarked and also registered with the Writer’s Guild of America- which legally protected all of my work. In May 2006 my legal team filed a Federal Copyright Infringement Lawsuit with the United States District Court against Spike TV and we are extremely confident that we will prevail. If you were a contestant (or anyone else affiliated) with the Pros vs Joes show I would love to hear from you.

Further down the page:

Currently I am planning the release of another revoluntionary reality television show, once that project is copyrighted and protected I will post an update as to what it is about as I love feedback from my viewing audience.

Interesting. Other connections include his interest in the UFC (his favorite show after the show SpikeTV allegedly ripped off him), and his connections to Arizona (connecting him tenuously to the URL provided in the audition calling). At this point it is obviously speculation, and all I have going for me are the facts listed above. But it’s food for thought. I’ve messaged the guy and will update when/if I hear back from him.

  • Dave says:

    Hey thanks for doing research and it is interesting to note how cutthroat the entertainment industry can be!!!

  • John in AZ says:

    I have talked to this guy Tim (Outside the Box Entertainment) on MySpace ( and I think your are correct that it is him working on this Shamrock project- even though he denies it (can you blame him as he is probably getting tons of emails about it everyday- yet the project is supposed to be “secret”. ) The reason I think its him is Tim attends some AZ Cardinals games and last year I know he attended the Bears vs Cards Monday Night game- with Mark Burnett.

    John R.
    Glendale, AZ

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