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Is Marcus Davis cruisin for a bruisin?

Reading MMA Madness’ latest interview with Marcus Davis, there was one thing that kept going through my mind: this guy is getting pretty fucking cocky. And to a degree I don’t blame him: he’s got a nice little winning streak going for him punctuated with an exclamation mark of a win over Paul Taylor back in September.

Of course, if you’re a critical thinker and all around genius like I am, you might take a closer look at Davis’ winning streak and say it’s not actually that impressive. Out of all the guys Davis has beaten in the UFC, none of them are still around except Paul Taylor, who came within millimeters of finishing Davis. Marcus showed heart and earned me as a fan with his comeback, but that doesn’t make me forget the fact that he took a whoopin.

Marcus is facing off against Jess Liaudin, who’s looked pretty damned good in the UFC thus far but still hasn’t really been tested either. A quick look at Liaudin’s record also shows a pretty brutal 7-8 record prior to 2006, when he hooked up with Team Quest and apparently got much much better. The dude’s got some tricky kicks along with a solid ground game so it’ll definitely be an interesting fight.

I mentioned it on the Low Blow – I’m expecting this match to be fight of the night. Both these guys don’t fuck around, so expect a war. But I’m picking Liaudin over Davis, if not only because Davis seems a bit too cocky for his own good this time around.

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  • fightfan says:

    He goes along with Bisping and the baby fight schedule they feed to them. Although I think Davis has the potential. I would like to see him face someone like a top 5WW.

    Pretty soon guys like that will be called UK UFC fighters because those damn UK shows have the same GAWDAMN fighters every card!!!!!!

  • ilostmydog says:

    Yeah, no. Liaudin really has no way to beat Davis.

  • Jess and Marcus have been bumped up the bill to second to last fight… think they’re expecting this one to be good.

    Spoke with Jess last night, he feels good for this

  • FRANKIE says:

    I’m not really seeing the cockiness in that interview, unless you just mean the fact that he thinks he’ll beat Liaudin.