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Is Luke Thomas gonna have to smack a bitch?

Luke Thomas has been on a roll lately, pissing off people left and right. He did a live radio show on Steroids that made Zach Arnold cry harder than Loretta Hunt that time Phil Baroni headbutted her. Luke later apologized, but then went on to totally flame some asshat from the Washington Post. El Douche from the Post had this to say about MMA:

Wouldn’t it be nice to forever ban Ultimate Fighting from the airwaves, not to mention the pages of my favorite Washington newspaper? It’s gratuitous street fighting violence, pure and simple, and spare me the mixed martial arts garbage or readership surveys that say it appeals to potential 18- to 34-year-old readers. You watch this stuff, you don’t read.

To which Thomas replied (and I’ll just take a little scoop of this):

How embarrassed must Olympic wrestlers like Dan Henderson and Olympic Silver Medalist Matt Lindland be to learn that drunk rednecks are as skilled as they! How sad it must make Gold Medal judoka Hidehiko Yoshida to know his years of training can be duplicated by two obese losers in a back alley! How upsetting it must be for Olympic boxer Antonio Rogerio Nogueira to know any street kid can box as well as he without the slightest bit of training!

Len, I must know what alleys and streets you traverse. Don’t you realize I could make a fortune?!?!? I wouldn’t need to pay highly-skilled, highly-trained, highly-athletic, highly accomplished professional fighters thousands of dollars to fight! All I need are some coordinates to your neighborhood and I can see the exact same thing. Man, are you one lucky guy or what?!

Normally I don’t encourage people to involve themselves in the retarded machinations of the mainstream media. Trying to explain MMA to your average newspaper columnist is like trying to teach your dog how THAC0 works (if you didn’t get that, then you failed your saving throw vs Geek). I’m down like brown with Luke though … he’s got an bastard streak that’s right up my alley. He tries to hide it in his quest to become a respectable MMA personality but the truth of the matter is he’s just as big of an asshole as I am. So I will always enjoy it when he tears these morons a new one.

Oh and Zach, I’m not talking to you when I’m talking about morons. I love you too. And Erin, because she loves me. Thaler I’m not too sure on … at the last Puresurorer sleepover he ate all my Turtles. Not cool, man. Not cool.