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Is Kimbo legit yet? Does anyone care?

The thing that annoys me most about this whole Kimbo thing is that for the next bajillion years I’m going to have to hear retards and morons argue over whether he’s “The Real Deal” or not. His fight with Bo Cantrell certainly didn’t prove anything. And while we learned a little bit more from his fight with Tank (he did defend a takedown of questionable quality, and showed he’s got pretty accurate striking), I’ve still got more questions about Kimbo than Kimbo’s got people in his entourage.

But my main question is more to the MMA community than to Kimbo: Do we really need to be having this stupid debate on Kimbo’s abilities? This isn’t a situation like Fedor where arguments regarding his talent decide who holds MMA’s #1 pound for pound position. Everyone admits he’s still untested, and no one really knows how far he’ll go. It just seems to be this kneejerk reaction from people … they can’t resist blabbing about how Kimbo sucks whenever someone talks about how wicked he is. Luke Thomas still likes to label that racism. Me, I think it’s just general waddage from people who don’t want Kimbo’s street fighting past to blur the line between felony fight and mixed martial arts.

Whatever the reason, can’t we all just sit back and enjoy Kimbo’s fights until the day (long in the future, I bet) that Gary Shaw decides to put him up against someone legitimate who’s under 40 and not going to take a dive? Then maybe we can have a debate over his talent and future as a force in the heavyweight division. But until then we’re all just wasting our time.

  • BoshyClaus says:

    Felony Fights kicks ass! I cant wait until the UFC allows nunchucks and knee-drops to the back of the neck. “In threw your nose and out threw your mouth hommie…. gurrgggle gurrrrrggllleee gurrrgle.”

  • Lifer says:

    you call it wasting time, i call it reading your website.

  • Captain says:

    “… knee-drops to the back of the neck. ‘In threw your nose and out threw your mouth hommie…. gurrgggle gurrrrrggllleee gurrrgle.'”

    I seriously thought that dude was gonna die. Haven’t been able to bring myself to watch a felony fight since then.

  • Xavier says:

    I can’t wait for the inevitable Fedor/Kimbo conflict. No, not a fight, but rather the competition over finding the weakest opponents.

    Can’t wait for the war they’ll likely have over Oleg Taktarov in the future. “I fight Oleg da?” – “Nah bro, you ain’t fightin’ no fuckin’ Oleg, I getz him next” – “My management crush your management, fool.”

    It’ll be stupendous.

  • Accomando says:

    “…blur the line between felony fight and mixed martial arts…”

    Good thing there was no line to blur during UFC 2 which I watched recently, what a spectacle MMA was… agghh, the good ole days of head-butts, groin shots, and Brian Kilmeade.

  • dignan says:

    Kimbo is simply a black Brock Lesnar without the wrestling skill.

    I honestly could’ve beatup his last two opponents.

    Any serious MMA competitor including:

    Bisping, The black dude who kick Salmon in the head, Koschek, Sanchez, Matt Hughes, GSP, BRAD IMES…would all kick his ass and submit him in no time.

    Notice I didnt even include any serious heavyweight guys.

    The one thing he has going for him he looks as mean as fuck, and falls into the “everything that white people fear about black people” stereotype.

    That’s what his draw is. He is a fucking cartoon character, and NO I would not say it to his face.

  • Guy’s got serious knockout power though. I’m impressed thus far. I’m happy watching him kick other people’s asses for a while now. Shaw’s guaranteed to keep the gravy train rolling for at least a year before he gets put up against someone seriously dangerous

  • marshal says:

    Kimbo is marketable, and Kimbo vs Tank had the loudest most enthusiastic mob I’ve heard at any fight event. Kimbo is the Christ of MMAianity (Based on crowd response).

  • operator says:

    Chuck Liddel went a long way on ko power and I think Kimbo’s striking looks better than chucks. He keeps his hands up and good head movement. It will be interesting to see what happens when someone takes him down and puts him on his back though.

  • dignan says:


    There are so many guys in the world with knockout power, and put them up against a couple of heavybags(basically his last two opponents) and he will knock them out.

    Brock Lesnar would’ve knocked those guys out. For fucks sake, Kalib Starnes would’ve knocked those douche bags out.

    Give him ONE guy who can half decently defend himself and that gravy train will stop rolling.

    The management team is doing a far better job with him than Brock Lesnar that’s for sure. Both those guys would’ve just shit themselves when Brock walked in.

    I will give it to Tank for knowing full well he was gonna get shit kicked but still took it.

  • jaydog says:

    Is Kimbo legit? No. He’s a media circus act whose shtick is sorta like the fighting world’s combination of Zeus from the old WWF and Howard Stern.

    Kimbo (and his entourage) wrapping himself in porn site logos and pounding on the back of a fat man’s head is not a step in the right direction, for EliteXC, MMA, or a youtube phenom. He hasn’t adjusted an iota of his game to pro-MMA, but instead, brought “gutter certified” to the sanctioned, televised, world of cagefighting. I think it’s sad, but I do hold out hope that Kimbo will get serious about competing with relevant fighters and respectable sponsors.

  • RoB says:

    Ive respected kimbo ever since he let that big ass black dude hit him on THE CHIN like three times and it didnt even daze him. Dignan could you let a black man hit you on the chin? (not with his nutsack…..burn)

  • RoB says:

    oh and for the record, i take him for what he is………. a rookie with two pro fights, and hell mma could always use a little excitement. and he would beat the shit out of Bisping

  • danaunclefesterwhite says:

    I like Kimbo. What I don’t like are his nuthuggers who overrated Kimbo’s ability and claim that he is the real deal. A lot of people now are saying that Kimbo would beat Ken Shamrock (lol). Ken is washed up but he can still take Kimbo down and sub him. He went into the game with no skills, only youtube street fighting and yet they’re saying that this guy is the real deal. Kimbo Slice is the US MMA version of Bob Sapp except he’s a lot smaller and he has an excellent trainer in Bas Rutten. That sums it up. Actually comparing him to Sapp is a bit unfair. At least Bob Sapp beat Ernesto Hoost and Bob Sapp did it with his huge size and retard strength. Kimbo on the other hand doesn’t have the size advantage that Sapp did. I like Kimbo but his nuthuggers need to stop being so delusional. Kimbo is a 2-0 rookie and should be judged as one.

  • Márcio says:

    Kimbo = Houston Alexander, the first fighter that he finds with some ground game, will beat him.