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Is Juanito a scammer or just expensive?

Tito took valuable time away from flushing his own MMA down the toilet to comment on Quinton Jackson’s current situation. Here he is speaking on the record about what happened between Rampage and his coach Juanito Ibarra:

Let me explain this to you because it really pisses me off that Ibarra has done what he has done, he is a thief. I have been running training camps for seven years up in Big Bear California and the most that my camp has cost a fighter to attend is $35,000. Ibarra was charging Jackson $65,000 to go to Big Bear. I don’t understand that!! He was being very disrespectful and taking advantage of ‘Rampage’. Including travel, training partners, food and lodging, the most ever was $35,000, maybe if you flew in more trainers-$40K. Where did that extra money go that Ibarra was charging? ‘Rampage’ is really pissed and he feels betrayed that he was taken advantage of and I couldn’t agree more with him.

Is this tip of the iceberg shit or was this the key reason behind the dispute between Quinton and his manager? Was Ibarra actually cooking the books or was he just charging more for his services than other people suddenly decided he was worth? I know it’s fashionable to hate on Ibarra and all, but I’m going to hold my tongue on the situation until there’s more information. Good trainers cost good coin (especially those from the boxing world) and if he was upfront with his services per training camp running 30k, then I’m not gonna hold it against him. On the other hand, if he was just adding a few thou per expense onto the bill, then he can go fuck himself.