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Is it Affliction and Golden Boy?

While Affliction COO Mike Cohan is already contradicting Affliction VP Tom Atencio’s statement that a big announcement would come during the Casamayor / Marquez boxing event this Saturday, there’s still a lot of stuff we can infer from the verbal slip up.

HBO has already flatly stated they’re not getting into the MMA game, but that doesn’t mean the idea of a boxing/MMA event is null. Casamayor/Marquez isn’t a pure HBO product … it’s being put on by Oscar de la Hoya’s Golden Boy promotions. These are the same guys Affliction nearly worked with back in the initial days of their event planning.

Now MMATraining is floating the following idea:

Here is a new theory. Affliction will announce that they will promote a huge MMA/Boxing card and put this on PPV or possibly HBO. The boxing/MMA card will have some of the Affliction MMA stars (Fedor, Arlovski and Barnett). The boxing stars will be the likes of Affliction’s sponsored athletes Zab Judah and Shane Mosley. They would likely have to pay the boxers higher ends purses, but remember that Juda only made $100,000 for his last fight against rising star Corey Spinks, which is 12.5% of what Tim Sylvia made to get beat on and submitted by Fedor in 36 seconds at Affliction 1.

Doesn’t sound too bad, huh? I’m just wondering how the heck all this would work … Shane Mosley has been a part of some big time PPV events, with Cotto vs Mosley hitting 400k buys. So how would Affliction with it’s heavy costs and 100k (maybe) buys fit into Golden Boy’s plans? Throwing some massive hybrid event would be an interesting feather in someone’s cap I suppose, but when you’re looking at the numbers I just can’t see how Affliction wouldn’t end up dragging Golden Boy down.