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Is G.Sot one Lauzon away from a title fight?

In between news about a lawn bowler pulling his penis out during a match and some dog race betting info (screw that, bet on humans beating eachother up, pussy!), the Sydney Morning Herald has some interesting news about their great Aussie hope George Sotiropoulos:

George Sotiropoulos is one fight away from setting up a dream UFC world title fight in Sydney next February. Geelong-born Sotiropoulos will face either B.J. Penn or Kenny Florian in a lightweight title eliminator in November, and victory would likely earn him a bout for the championship belt when the UFC returns to Sydney next year.

Sounds pretty good to me, although it’s kinda like saying “George will get a title shot if he beats two guys he has no chance of beating.” Fortunately, the UFC has been a bit more realistic and has matched him up against Joe Lauzon at UFC 123.

So the big question now: if the Herald was wrong about his next opponent, were they wrong about the title shot too? Well, the timing is still right – 123 is in November and the UFC has said February in Australia will be a regular winter escape plan. Plus with Tyson Griffin blowing that Gomi fight, there’s not a lot of other top guys at lightweight in a good position to get a shot. Considering we were one non-choke away from ANOTHER Kenny Florian title shot, I think it’s safe to say there’s openings available for a new contender.

(image via Sherdog)

  • subo says:

    Well NOW who the hell does Gomi fight? BJ?

  • glassjawsh says:

    war Snuffleupagus!!

  • Beau says:

    You really think GSot has no shot of beating Kenny or BJ? I’d take GSot over Kenny right now. He has better BJJ, and his standup has looked pretty damn good too. I’d also give him an excellent shot against BJ, especially the new sluggish plodding never take the fight to the ground BJ.

    Subo, Gomi fighting BJ makes sense to me. Diehards want to see it, and it’s an easy comeback fight for BJ so he can get out of this losing streak. I’m thinking they want BJ to fight Guida though. Or maybe Gomi-Guida?

    Nate Diaz is ready to fight BJ or Kenny as well.