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Is Gina going to make weight???

I hate to be the guy who’s harassing a chick about her weight, but this is a fucking fight sport, people. If you show up for your big presser in New York looking only slightly more in shape than Scott Coker, then I’m gonna mention it. As a fan of women’s MMA, I’m starting to get very nervous. Keep in mind she was already flubbing her weigh ins back when she was a stick.

She can do whatever the fuck she wants as far as training and fitness goes, and I don’t care how big her cankles are so long as she makes weight for her August 15th fight. Ya know, the first women’s MMA superfight? It’s also a title fight or some junk too. So making weight is slightly integral to not making WMMA as a whole look fucking stupid. Like drooling retard wearing a helmet and playing with dog butts stupid.