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Is Dana White an assface?

There was some arguments in the forum regarding Dana White’s propensity for being an assface, and there were two general positions: those that felt Dana did a good job of controlling everything in order to protect the sport and his company, and those who agree but feel that he lets his personal opinions and feelings cloud his judgment too often.

Me, I think I lean towards the latter opinion. Dana’s like one of those abusive boyfriends … so fun, wild and exciting one moment but then in another he’s dragging you down the hall by your hair and calling you a whore. There’s no denying he’s done great things for MMA, but does that really entitle him to the unquestioning carte blanche many fans give him : “Dana knows what he’s doing! He can do no wrong!”

I’m not so sure anymore with this Randy Couture thing. While the UFC is definitely within it’s rights to sue Randy Couture and try to prevent the Couture / Fedor fight from happening, I have to imagine that a smarter businessman could have figured out a way to turn the tables and make this situation work for them.

Dana White has something of a history of getting suckered, which is probably why he’s so damned defensive now. The Pride sale turned out to be a pretty big bust – maybe you could have considered it a success when everyone thought it had killed off the UFC’s main competition. But with the rise of Zombie Pride and the apparent merge with HERO’s … yeah, no.

That wasn’t the only time Dana got bamboozled by Pride … everyone remembers the time Pride sent Wanderlei Silva into the octagon just to gain exposure for their company. After egg on his face like that, it’s not surprising Dana White finds the prospect of working with another promotion as appealing as a prostate exam.

So mix that initial general suspicion with an egotistical “Our way or the highway” attitude, and then a pinch of insane Russians and you’ve got a recipe for “No Randy Fedor in the UFC” soup. It’s not a very good soup, I have to admit.

So what could Dana have done? I dunno, but I do know that if he was craftier he could have figured out a way to sort all this shit out without losing Fedor to M-1 in the first place, and subsequently Randy to exile. Was the answer a one fight contract for Fedor? Was it some kind of negotiation with M-1 for a cross promotion? I dunno … only Dana White knows what cards he could have played.

All I know is that for all the hands there are, the only one he seems to be playing lately is the litigious one.

  • Stirling says:

    What is pandering, Alex?

  • frickshun says:

    MMA will not be taken seriously by the mainstream unless this assface starts conducting himself like a professional franchise owner instead of Vince McMahon. And yes, the UFC is just a pro franchise since they own the talent & don’t cross-promote.

  • Xavier says:

    “MMA will not be taken seriously by the mainstream”

    Yeah, because mouthy sports figures never have appeal. There was a fighter back in the good ol’ days of boxing, some cat named Muhammed Ali, he was mouthy and that’s why he was never successful and nobody remembers him. Likewise in Basketball, there was this fat guy named Charles who used to talk a lot of trash, the mainstream definitely ignored him and now nobody remembers him. There was this dude back in the old old days that ate hot dogs, his last name was Ruth or something. Total nobody. Some guy used to own the Raiders, talked a lot of shit… Davis? Davidson? Nobody knows who he is. Same with the Yankees, what was his name again? Totally destroyed the sport until they kicked him out… Steinberger, I think.

    No, the mainstream hates cocky, charismatic figures in sports. NEVER WILL THEY ACCEPT THEM!

  • Xavier says:

    Oh yeah, there was some jackass who owned the Dallas Mavericks… a Mark… last name was something latin… Mark Venezulan, totally talked a lot of shit, even had a blog where he talked shit, attacked the commissioner, boy… what ever happened to that jackass? Total jackass!


  • JoeRoganIsAnAss says:


  • ruggertenthousand says:

    I agree with your take on this… Dana has to start acting like an executive of a multi million dollar company and not a street punk who lets his emotions and personal feelings get in the way of his business, his fighters; which, ‘ultimately’ – hurts the sport and the fans.

  • frickshun says:

    Xavier, take a breath. You are talking about individual pro athletes. Not management’s face for the sport. It’s great for marketing to have the fighters talk shit to build hype or create a polarizing persona. But . . . . (you dumbass) Dana White is not a fighter. He’s not supposed to be cursing at reporters, snubbing fighters for personal reasons & ranking fighters based on marketing a shitty PPV better. Since the UFC is the face of MMA in the US at least, they should be working on building the sport as much as their own brand. When I watched UFC 1, I didn’t say “this sport would be great if it had a carnival barker representing it”. I said “holy shit, this is Bloodsport but for reallllll”.

  • danaunclefesterwhite says:

    Agreed. Dana White has to drop the Vince McMahon act. The UFC will never get past the WWE glass ceiling in America if Dana doesn’t smarten up and act like a professional multi million dollar company president. The WWE business model worked a heck of a lot for the UFC. But if they want to grow, they need to tone that shit down. In Japan, pro wrestling-styled theatrics work because their culture accepts puroresu. But that stuff doesn’t fly in America. Between his behavior and his insistence on keeping his shitty WWE-themed production on network TV, this guy is going to limit the growth of the sport.

    The UFC will never progress beyond a niche market. The sport is not as mainstream as MMA fans think. The UFC grossed about $200 million in revenue last year. I don’t consider that mainstream. The WWE grossed over $400 million in that same year. If you’re not bigger than WWE, you’re not mainstream. The UFC has significantly higher PPV figures than the WWE but their TV ratings are lower and their non-PPV revenue (TV, advertising, etc) is significantly lower than the WWE. That data tells us that the UFC has a dedicated base of hardcore fans that put down money for PPV cards but they’re not making many inroads with the casual/mainstream base given that they rely so much on PPV and have inferior TV ratings.

  • MacDaddy says:

    Based on what’s happened with M-1 global vs M-1 Russia so far you’d have to say that even if Dana White was amenable to working with other promotions this would be the kind of promotion you would want to stay away from.

    As far as MMA going mainstream, it’s never going to be NFL/MLB/NBA mainstream, but if we see more cards like the TUF finale and UFC 79 and fewer cards like UFC 78, I can see it getting a lot closer to boxing.

    If MMA could get some major network TV exposure in the states due to the writers strike it could easily eclipse hockey in the US market.

  • Xavier says:

    “You are talking about individual pro athletes.”

    Al Davis scoring touchdowns everyday. Steinbrenner batted .327 last year before hip pain forced him to take the rest of the season off, poor Yankees.

    And last night Mark Cuban threw down one fucked up tomahawk over Dwight Howard. HOOOOO-EEEEEEE.

    Reading is fundamental.

  • ilostmydog says:

    Dana White is responsible for the Pride acquisition now? Yeah, right. I’m sure the Fertitta’s, despite being the owners of 90% of Zuffa and the guys throwing their money around in the deal, had nothing to do with it. LOL.

  • frickshun says:

    Xavier, forget my haste in the reply. Dana White IS THE FACE OF MMA in this country b/c most people only know “UFC”, not MMA. My boss probably bets more money on every UFC card than you make in a year yet he has never ordered any other org’s events. He has never seen Fedor or any other non-UFC guys. Yet he’s a huge fan of “the sport” aka UFC. You need to think about your reading comprehension. Steinbrenner doesn’t equal baseball. He’s one of how many franchise owners (I don’t know & don’t care). Dana White IS THE ONLY FUCKING FRANCHISE THAT’S RELEVANT.

  • ya better believe Dana White was responsible for the pride purchase. I’m sure the Fertittas were on board as well, but it doesn’t change the fact that Dana is the point man for all things MMA

  • Jemaleddin says:

    A one-fight contract for Fedor would have to mean a non-title fight. You can’t have that kind of contract with a guy who could walk away with the belt, or you end up with the situation we’re in with Randy now. Is that good for the sport? Is that good for fans?

    Besides, Fedor is only saying that he’s willing to fight Randy because he knows that it won’t happen until Randy really is too old to fight.

  • Jemaleddin says:

    Xavier, switch out Ali for Don King, and we’ve got a promoter in the mix too.

  • Xavier says:

    Thanks Jema, Don King is a great example. I can’t believe I didn’t think of him. Respect.

    “Steinbrenner doesn’t equal baseball.”

    Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Right. He’s the only owner anyone knows the name of. He was a fucking character on Seinfeld. Steinbrenner for many millions of people IS the face of baseball, even more than the commissioner.

    Fact is, America loves a character. Dana White is a character. The average “mainstream” person is going to love his take no shit, tough attitude.

  • frickshun says:

    This is futile but I’ll toss out my last 2 cents. Don King is EXACTLY WHAT’S FUCKING WRONG W/BOXING. He shouldn’t be in the ring doing photo ops before & after the fights. He should be behind the scenes quietly putting good fights together. Are you 2 fools saying people love boxing b/c of Don King?? So if he wasn’t around, nobody would care? I can’t wait til he gets out of the sport. And Steinbrenner is portrayed on Seinfeld b/c he acts like a fucking manchild with too much $$. He’s definitely the reason that baseball is our national pastime. You can make all the references you want, we’re talking about building awareness & growing the sport.

  • suspiria says:

    no D

  • suspiria says:

    no he’s not an ass face but he is a raging douche.where’s the grim reaper when you need him?way to blow the cbs deal moron!