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Is BJ being lazy again?

I think everyone got a good giggle from Wednesday’s UFC Primetime show. We got to hear BJ Penn talk about how he’s completely changed his attitude towards training, only to finish the first show by taking several days off. But one person who was not amused by the show’s implication is BJ’s head trainer, Rudy Valentino:

Valentino says that he has never heard of White calling to check up on one of Penn’s previous training camps and suspects that it was done this time around in order to generate additional drama for the Prime Time show. “[Dana] will pull out drama in anything he does. He’s not a drama queen, he’s a drama king,” Valentino says.

Valentino says that Penn’s scheduled rest time occurred last week “Tuesday through Saturday,”* after Penn had already been training for three consecutive months. Without that time off Penn would have been on schedule to walk into UFC 94 after an approximately five month training camp without pause – entirely too long by anyone’s standards.

“[Dana] didn’t understand what we have to do. Dana doesn’t understand because he’s not a fighter. We don’t want [BJ] burning out or peaking at the wrong time,” Valentino says, also noting that Penn has employed a similar rest period before his last six to seven fights.

I’m pretty sure Dana called to check up was because he had a fucking camera crew following Penn around in Hawaii and kinda sorta somehow heard that their days consisted of lounging around in ponds, shopping, and chillaxing with Penn and his GF.

Still, there’s truth to the whole ‘peaking’ thing, but the way BJ just decided out of the blue that he was taking the days off did seem kinda strange. You get the feeling he’s surrounded by asslickers who’ll agree with whatever call he decides on, which is never good. You hear about GSP going wherever he has to go to find the best training partners he can. Meanwhile, here’s BJ in Hawaii … staying in Hawaii … and being the best dude on the island at everything.

Anyways, my bet is things will balance back when they show some more footage of GSP at the clubs and raise the specter of his mental strength. I anticipate the next episode of this show to feature Georges getting knocked out by Matt Serra roughly 200 times.