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Is anyone really excited about this weekend’s EliteXC show?

Luke Thomas makes the case for this weekend’s EliteXC show tanking on account of the MMA overload we experienced last weekend:

Maybe there are others out there who see it among MMA fans and media outlets, but I certainly do not. News outlets like Sherdog may be diligent in covering all aspects of the MMA world, but blogs like this – that are generally a little more responsive to market demands from an editorial selection standpoint – aren’t seeing it at all. The posts about EliteXC are generating very little interest and there is paltry amounts of traffic coming into this site that’s related to anything in the EliteXC universe.

I do admit, there’s not really anything on the card that makes my pee-pee hard. After watching the first Smith/Lawler fight, I think we all know how that one is going to end. And if Smith does manage to score the KO – always a possibility when guys slug it out – it’s not like the world is going to turn upside down like it would have if Tim Sylvia had beaten Fedor. And I think I speak for everyone when I say “We need a vacation”. There’s only so many Saturday nights you can give up to MMA before your weekends start harkening back to your lonely junior high school days. What, your junior high days weren’t lonely? Well then. Good for you.

There’s a whole bunch of issues why the hardcore fans don’t really give much of a shit about this card. The lineup, while entertaining, isn’t really going to affect much in the grand scheme of things. In fact, it looks even more insignificant because of the post-coital afterglow of last weekend. Also, most of us see this show for what it is: a rushed, half-assed card that was forced into existence by moronic CBS execs who don’t realize you can’t just pull an MMA event out of your ass like another season of “Touched by an Angel”.

But that doesn’t mean this show is going to go down in flames. I’m still of the opinion that the first CBS show succeeded not because of us ‘in the know’ folks. It got it’s ratings because a lot of average people just tuned in and stayed tuned in. These people didn’t spend last weekend watching 3 MMA events. These people don’t know that Lawler/Smith 2 isn’t that big of a deal. They don’t know Shayna or Jake or anyone else. But that’s okay, because they don’t need to. They’ll still tune in and stick around because MMA on free television just draws that prized male 18-34 demographic like flies on shit. The numbers won’t be as good as they were the first time around, but I think they’ll still manage to do just fine.