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Is Affliction’s universe-changing news … boxing?

Is Affliction planning on mixing mixed martial arts and boxing together? MMA Payout throws out that idea, based on the fact that they’ll be making a big announcement regarding their future at this Saturday’s Marquez-Casamayor fight.

The Marquez-Casamayor fight is certainly an interesting choice of venues for the next announcement on Affliction’s future. That card is being promoted by Golden Boy and will air on HBO PPV. Affliction and Golden Boy had exploratory talks on possibly working together when Affliction was formulating it’s plans to enter MMA in early 08.

The possible pairing unraveled in late March due to issues over who would be in ultimate control of the promotion. However, Affliction apparently remained interested in the possibility of mixed boxing and MMA cards as part of their future. Part of Affliction’s decision to use the 5 roped over-sized boxing ring was reportedly to do MMA and boxing together on the same shows at some point.

This seems to line up with Affliction’s statement that they plan to ‘change the MMA world’, although personally I’m not too hot on the idea. I like boxing. I like MMA. But put them together? Why not just stick a rugby match inbetween the breaks at a football game? What, that’s stupid? Yeah.

Affliction is starting to look like a hyperactive teenager with serious attention deficit disorder. Oh, I do t-shirts but I love MMA and oh lets add metal bands to our show shit man lets fucking add boxing as well! Newsflash to Affliction: people watch MMA to watch MMA, not to catch glimpses of Megadeth and the Deal or No Deal girls. Past that, I’d say there’s a decent percentage of fans from both sports that fucking HATE eachother. MMA people have been smug fucks about boxing’s troubles ever since TUF made our sport financially viable. And boxing fans have been selling MMA as a savage sport fit only for bloodthirsty illiterates. The family of combat sports is a petty family indeed.

Ah well. I’ve spent enough nights at sports bars watching UFC and HBO events side by side on multiple televisions so it’s not going to turn me off the product. But I don’t see this as some kind of revolutionary idea that’s gonna save Affliction or bring in hordes of new people who otherwise wouldn’t tune in.

**Update** HBO says no MMA on their channel. And the Trump side of biznizz says no announcement at this week’s boxing event. I’m glad to see everyone is on the same page!