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Is Affliction bluffing?

First I want to apologize for two pro wrestling related posts in a row. Now that I have that off my chest, let’s talk MMA. So by now you’ve heard of Affliction’s plan to kamikaze themselves against the behemoth that is UFC 100. There’s been no confirmation one way or another, but thus far a number of fighter camps have reported that Affliction has asked them “Hey, what you doing on this date?” right before also asking “Will you accept payment in fine denim jackets?” But there’s a third thing being told to the fighters as well:

Atencio has consistently denied that Affliction will be folding this year, but one well-placed source recently told Fighters Only that the company believes it will be exiting the MMA game soon.

The source – who coaches a number of big-name fighters – said he was told his fighters should accept any offers they might receive from other promotions, as Affliction is not sure it will be staging a third show.

So the question remains: Is Affliction really going to declare jihad and blow themselves up against UFC 100 in an act of futile rage? Because they were dumb enough to sign some contracts that guaranteed fighters 3 fights no matter what, they do have reason to do it. Either they spend 4 million bucks on an event that will flame out spectacularly, or spend 2 million dollars for everyone to stay at home and scratch their ass.

But why UFC 100? Affliction takes a wash every time they throw an event, but competing against a show like UFC 100 sounds more like egotistical rage rather than anything else. Rome thinks this may just be a publicity stunt or an attempt to get the UFC back to the negotiating table. If it’s the latter, they’re going to have to take this game of chicken a lot further than I think they’re prepared to go before Dana will call their bluff – IF he would, which isn’t anything you want to bet a few million dollars on.