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Invicta FC is ‘doing fine’ says president Shannon Knapp

Invicta FC president Shannon Knapp pours water on the idea that the promotion is in financial trouble after having to refund all of Invicta 4’s PPV sales due to streaming issues:

We’re doing amazing things right now. Our numbers are great. Everybody forgets that we haven’t even been in business for a year. Our first show was at the end of April, 2012. Are we in dire straits? We’re only out $7.95 [laughs]. Seriously, I don’t think this put us in dire straits. If it was a do or die situation, like some journalists are suggesting, we would’ve inflated the price of the event. We’re doing fine.

Further proof that things are okay for now: Invicta 5 already being confirmed for an April date in California and featuring the same level of matchmaking as usual. So that’s positive. But I don’t care what a promoter says, you can’t just keep taking financial washes without it eventually becoming a problem. Affliction Entertainment repeatedly told fans not to worry about their finances, only to implode in spectacular fashion leading up to their third event. Invicta is no Affliction, who wrote the book on how to pay way too much for everything. But even with female fighters making way less than men, there are still significant costs involved in throwing the kind of events Invicta is holding.

Ticket sales have not been setting Kansas on fire, and now Invicta’s attempt to monetize their stream fell flat on its face. If they had estimated something like 15,000 streams at 8 bucks a pop, that’s over $100,000 they were expecting to put back in their war chest. Instead, they didn’t manage to make a red fucking cent. They may be moving forward feeling positive about the potential to make money, but they haven’t actually made any yet. And if they don’t manage to on Invicta 5 or 6, that really could be all she wrote regardless of positive reassurances to the contrary.

(pic via The MMA Corner)