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Interview with Bas Rutten and Kimbo Slice



MARTIAL FARTS (MF): Bas, how do you feel about your protege Kimbo’s recent performance?

BAS RUTTEN (BR): Well, I think he did great. He followed the gameplans and won the fight.

MF: What exactly were your gameplans?

BR: We had a number of gameplans. Our first, that we spent many weeks formulating and refining, was to punch the other guy in the face really, really hard.

MF: That’s it?

BR: Yeah. But I don’t think you quite understand just how hard we were planning on hitting the other guy in the face. I mean like really, really hard.

MF: Okay, so that has worked for you so far. Did you have a plan B?

BR: Of course I had a plan B. I may be Dutch, but I’m not stupid. Plan B was to punch the guy in the liver really, really hard.

MF: I didn’t see that against James Thompson.

KIMBO SLICE (KS): I’ll field this one, baldy. I forgot about plan B. Actually I kind of discarded it in favour of double helpings of plan A.

(at this point the sound of giggling and high-fiving could be heard.)

BR: Actually once we saw that strange globule sticking out of the side of Thompson’s face, all plans were scrapped in favour of punching the shit out of that thing really really hard.

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