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Instant replay catches liar who tapped

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away (aka across the Hudson river from New York), New Jersey instituted a rule that would allow them to use instant replay when the situation warranted it. At the time, lots of people (myself included) thought it would be an abomination, but it looks like the New Jersey Athletic Commission has been pretty good about not using the rule unless absolutely necessary. And after a year in play, it has finally been used:

The fight between Joel Roberts and Ryan Vaccaro was stopped after an apparent tap from Vaccaro, but referee Donnie Caroli was adamant that he did not see a tap from the fighter.

New Jersey Deputy Attorney General Nick Lembo, who was ringside, stepped in and reviewed the video tape after the controversy – per the instant replay rule passed last year – and after several views decided that there was indeed a tap.

After the ruling, the fight was indeed stopped and Roberts declared the winner.

Nothing gets my goat more than fighters tapping and then pretending they didn’t tap (hey CB Dollaway, I’m talking to you asshole). So the fact that this new video review system has resulted in a lying douche rightfully losing … well, it’s like realizing that the evil bitch your brother married may not be pure evil after all.

I’d still be interested in knowing though how long it took them to consult the video and make a decision. My main issue with video replay was the 10-15 minutes it would take to look shit up and make a call on it.