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Tim Credeur and Nate Quarry – Credeur looked great in the first round, picking off Nate from distance and dominating from beginning to end. Quarry then CRANKED an overanxious Tim early in the second. I can’t do this fight justice with a play by play (this will be a recurring theme), but suffice to say that you won’t get into Valhallah until you watch it. Quarry by decision, 29-28, won last two, great fight, could make a case

Condit v Ellenberger – Condit catches multiple shots in first, good on the ref for non stoppage, huge chunk of vaseline on head, amazing transitions. Sound like shit? Same as above. Watch this fight. Watch this fight.. I had it 29-28 Jake. Split 29-28 Condit. No way you can do it – either 1st round was 10-8 or second was a draw. Revives the ‘what is a 10-8 round’ question.

Maynard v Huerta – Huerta refuses to initiate, no power on punches, Gray 0 for 1 on shots in the first two rounds, very close (Gray showing good power and landing well but Huerta looks great in flurries). Gray gets takedown early in the third after landing some good straights, repeated takedowns/passes/transitions, decent GnP, 29-28 Gray for me, 30-27 30-27 28-29 split for Gray. Cecil Peoples has someone to take some of the heat off of him by stiffing Huerta completely.

Guillard v Diaz -Guillard drops Diaz in first five sec, refuses to play the guard game, lands repeatedly (VERY fast hands from Melvin), both talking shit/raising arms after Diaz starts pillow punching, clear 10-9 for Guillard in first, Nate almost turns kimura into judo throw at end of first. Second – Guillard judoes Diaz to ground, separate, Diaz trying to use his range, guillard taunting hands at his waist, Guillard FAKES BEING WOBBLED AND CHARGES OFF OF THE CAGE RIGHT INTO A GUILLOTINE. What a maroon Great win for Nate, pulling it out a la Pellegrino. Brett Rogers is revising his Fedor gameplan as we speak.