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Inside the TUF UK trials

Dana White’s first UFC90 blog went up yesterday, but it doesn’t really have anything to do with UFC90. Instead, it’s all about the TUF9 tryouts in England. It’s certainly interesting to see how those operate, and (as is the point of this whole vlog campaign) it makes Dana White seem lovable and cuddly. Maybe not THIS cuddly, but cuddly none the less.

Interesting facts about the TUF tryouts:

-They’ve switched the divisions to welterweights and lightweights, dropping middleweights. I guess Dana recognizes that as soon as Anderson Silva retires, the middleweight division will be wide open and competitive again so why keep drowning it in TUF losers?

-You’ve got two UK guys who have already been on the show taking a second stab at things: Ross Pointon and Wesley Murch (who’s name was called out by Dana during the vlog). Murch was a bit of a raised eyebrow choice the first time around, but I’ve heard nothing but good things from everyone about Pointon’s improvement since he was last in the UFC. Seems he decided to stop being a dumb tank brawler and learn some skills. Good on him!