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Insert Swick / Quick pun here

Here’s your play by play of the Swick / Goulet fight: Swick comes out and bounces around the octagon for about 45 seconds, Goulet moves in with a few swipes, then Swick comes in for the kill and knocks Goulet the fuck out. Bouncing off the canvas wakes Goulet up and he goes into full instinct mode, grabbing at Swick’s leg. Mike gets on Goulet like a lion on an injured gazelle and finishes him off with punches to the jaw. At first I thought he won via 10,000 punches to the back of the head, but the replays show that he was hooking that shit and hitting Goulet right on the jaw.

Impressive fight for Swick, and I guess now we can consider allowing him to have his ‘Quick’ nickname back. Maybe. Shitty situation for Goulet. When they showed his face after his loss, you got the feeling you were seeing a man who was reconsidering his path in life.