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Injury bug or divine retribution?

MMA fans have been joking about a UFC injury bug for a couple years now. But with Dan Henderson dropping out of UFC 151 – effectively killing that event, and now with Jose Aldo AND Rampage dropping out of UFC 153 (the God damn main AND co-main events) it seems that something much more sinister is at play.

Those are just the recent, high-profile injuries that have plagued the UFC. But this shit is happening all the time lately. It’s beyond mere coincidence. This is divine retribution. Dana White must surely have offended the gods something nasty, because they got his ass hanging from the Tree of Woe. What caused this omnipotent backlash? Did Dana find the tiki that brought so much misfortune on the Bradys? Did a prehistoric ancestor bestow this curse on the White lineage by smiting Crom? Or has Don Frye mastered the art of Santeria, and has a voodoo doll of White that he likes to perform ritualistic anal violation on right before every event?

Besides other-worldly forces though, what are the culprits? Too many events? That doesn’t pan out. Even with more events, individual fighters aren’t fighting more. The UFC just has a larger roster. Aldo hasn’t fought since January, and before that he fought twice in both 2010 and 2011. Rampage has been consistently fighting twice a year since arriving in the UFC.

Is training too tough? This could have something to do with it, and it ties directly in with a great deal of money being on the line nowadays. If you notice, most of the injuries are happening at the top of the cards where big dollars are at stake. They have to push themselves to the max. But even an athlete in peak condition is no match for physiology. If you push your body too far it will respond by kicking the shit out of you. And with so much on the line, guys may not be willing to fight with an injury, especially when a belt is at stake. At the lower end of the spectrum they have little choice but to fight injured. That $8,000 show money could be the difference between eating and not eating.

Fighter insurance? Eh, that’s just another socialist program of freebies for lazy bastards and illegal aliens.

Whatever dark forces are causing this, they’re imperceptible and unrelenting. It appears this isn’t just another anomaly, but the new reality, and the scary part is that there doesn’t seem to be any easy answers. Dana White may have to start stacking cards on the assumption of injuries, or declining to step in on short notice may be viewed as a belligerent offense punishable by firing and/or death.