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The Incredible Expanding UFC on Versus 2 post

Chael Sonnen continues to exist in another dimension:

“Anderson Silva has ducked me for four years”


MMAFighting is already getting pictures up from the show!

Welcome back, BJM!

MMAWeekly captures a little bit of that fireball vibe from Gomi in their mini-event gallery.

Attendance is being announced at 8,132 fans for a $489,685 gate. Not bad considering they were on their way to half that number when they pulled out of SLC.

Guess who scored the Okami – Munoz fight for Munoz? It’s our favorite idiot judge, Cecil Peoples! He scored 1 and 2 for Mark.

Bonuses have been announced at 40k a pop

  • Fight of the Night: Brian Stann vs Mike Massenzio
  • KO of the Night: Takanori Gomi
  • Sub of the Night: Charles Oliveira

In case you were wondering how whack Okami / Munoz as a split decision was, here’s Sergio Non with some Compustrike data from the fight:

Fight statistician Compustrike counted 76 strikes landed of 151 thrown by Okami. Munoz connected on 19 of 45 strikes. Okami landed more power strikes than Munoz, 17 to 13, including 11 for the winner in the final round.

Of course, no two punches are the same and even dividing them into strikes and power strikes doesn’t recognize the fact that when Munoz was swinging for the fences, he was a deadly motherfucker.

Greg Jackson gives Jon Jones the kind of verbal sexing up that he normally reserves for Georges St Pierre.

Takanori Gomi says he’ll probably have to train full time in the US if he wants to hang in the UFC. He also said at the post-event press conference that he expected Griffin to try and stand with him:

“I was never looking at this as a wrestling match,” Gomi said. “I figured he was coming to box. He’s a good boxer, and I was prepared accordingly. I was prepared for everything.”

Meanwhile on the Jon Jones front, he had this to say when asked who he’d like to fight next:

“Right now, I’ve passed the tests with flying colors,” Jones said. “I don’t want to sound arrogant, so I’m going to be careful how I word this, but I want to fight someone who is supposedly much better than me. If that needs to be the champion, or whoever, I want to fight someone who is supposedly much better than me who will help me challenge myself and evolve to the next level. Let me fight a top-three guy.”

If Joe Silva can’t find Jon a decent opponent at 205, Jones would like everyone to know he’s got some ideas for heavyweight:

“Randy Couture, he bumps up to heavyweight all the time, and he always looks very impressive against the slower guy,” Jones said. “And now I actually have a heavyweight that I wouldn’t mind fighting. That’s James Toney – ‘Mr. I’m going to slap Jon in the face.’ I’d bump up for that fight any day.”

That comment stems from this interview from Toney.

More stats on Okami Munoz, this time from FightMetric. Munoz went 1 for 15 with his takedowns, which is pretty crazy considering wrestling is supposed to be what he’s good at.

James Irvin takes a few from Igor Pokrajac in the prelims.

OMG Sportscenter gave us the time of day! Squee!

Josh Gross practically drools at the prospect of Jon Jones at heavyweight:

Standing 6-foot-4, Jones has the frame for it. He’ll naturally add muscle as he matures. And even though right now he looks almost skinny, that’s a height-weight-proportional optical illusion. Jones is a big guy who comes from a family of big men — his older brother Arthur (6-foot-3, 300 pounds) was a fifth-round draft pick of the Baltimore Ravens this year; his younger brother Chandler stepped on the Syracuse campus in 2008 as a 6-foot-5, 238-pound freshman.

Jones said his priority is fighting at light heavyweight and winning a championship there. Eventually, though, he’ll tussle with the giants.

Esther’s got her UFC on Versus 2 report / gallery up on All Elbows.