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The incredible expanding UFC 118 post

Okay gonna do my best but to be honest i’m pretty shitfaced so lets see how this goes…

Quick thoughts:

  • So when no one gets a knockout, does the knockout of the night bonus go to … SATAN????
  • Kenny Florian is a classy guy and okay by me. His brother Keith needs to die of monkey AIDS. Preferably the kind that start in the cock (where he got it from cockhammering monkeys, duh) and spreads painfully to the rest of his body so he dies in incredible monkey AIDS agony.

The UFC press conference is going on right now. The event was so dull that Dana White pulled out the stiff they got running the UFC office in China … some former NBA guy who hasn’t showed up prepared to answer questions.

Awards of the night: Nate Diaz vs Marcus Davis takes fight of the night (and rightly so). Joe Lauzon gets submission of the night (even though maaaaybe Nate should have gotten a piece of both awards). Nate, Marcus, and Joe all get 60k.

Nate Diaz called out Gray Maynard at the press conference (almost bashfully, very adorable with the speech impediment and all) but Dana White said that wouldn’t be possible since they already screwed Gray out of a title shot once already.

Randy Couture said “poo poo.”

Dana White sounds almost ashamed about the Couture / Toney fight. “I never said it was gonna be this amazing great fight. I never said that.”

Photos from Esther Lin are rolling in at MMA Fanhouse!

Dana: “James Toney didn’t say anything to me, did he say anything to you?”

Randy: “He said ‘good job’ and that was it. I think that’s what he said.”

Everyone gets a good 30 second sitcom style laugh. Seriously. James Toney is the punchline of this press conference.

Chuck Liddell’s girlfriend Heidi Northcott provides this picture of Chuck with Shogun and Anderson Silva. Insert joke here about Heidi, holes, and ‘championship rounds.’ Wink wink.

OOooooh! E.T. phone home! You just got DIAZ’D, muthafucka!

(via CageWriter)