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The Incredible Expanding UFC 117 post

All hail Chael Sonnen, almost your new UFC 185 pound champion and king of pretending not to tap!

Ariel Helwani has his own interpretation of the end there:

Be clear, Chael hasn’t complained about the tap. That was clearly a tap. Not sure why Anderson didn’t let go.

Crowd booing Anderson loudly. Hard to hear him.

Ed Soares had to be pushed back. As Buffer announced the winner he was screaming at Sonnen’s corner. Very, very animated.

Ben Fowlkes has the scorecards, confirming that Sonnen was like 4 minutes away from the greatest upset in the history of the UFC:

Scorecards show that Sonnen was up 40-34, 40-36, and 40-35.

Esther already has pictures coming in from UFC 117 over at MMA Fighting. Check it out!

Yes, that WAS Steven Seagal with Anderson Silva tonight.

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Dana White tweets the main event.

How a few hours can change everyone’s perception! Here’s the headline to Yahoo’s writeup of the event: “Silva scores stunning win over Sonnen”

The 60k awards for UFC 117 are out:

Fight of the Night: Silva vs Sonnen
KO of the Night: Stefan Struve
Submission of the Night: Matt Hughes and Anderson Silva


(via USA Today)

‘The reason’, as explained by Anderson Silva after the fight:

“Chael had a hell of a fight tonight. I knew that I was losing the first four rounds,” said Silva, now 12-0 in the UFC. “Not to make any excuses, but a week and a half ago I hurt my ribs. The doctor asked me not to fight, but for you guys and the UFC, I came out here and put it all on the line.”

The scorecard from the fight via our good friend ekc’s twitter.

Statistics fun:

Compustrike: Silva was hit w/ 289 strikes after being hit w/ 208 strikes COMBINED in his first 11 fights. Sonnen did everything but finish.

Yeah, but how many of those were patty cake strikes? Not to say all or even most of Chael’s strikes were like that (the shoulder drops from on top were sick), but until strike numbers start relegating garbage punches to the garbage pile I’ll forever be suspicious of these kinda statistics.

The UFC refused to say if Silva would fight Belfort next or if there’d be an immediate rematch for Sonnen. I don’t know about you, but I think a fight in between for both would be nice. I need a Sonnen-vacation.

Doctors take a look at Dos Anjos’ busted up jaw. has post-fight video interviews with Clay Guida and Matt Hughes. They’ve also got a gallery with almost 90 photos, but the controls to look through them seem kinda funked up.

Compustrike’s website is down (again, seems like a breeze takes it down) but MiddleEasy has a screenshot of the stats.

About that unlikely Fitch / Koscheck fight for the welterweight belt:

In the post-fight press conference Fitch wouldn’t comment on a potential future fight with teammate Josh Koscheck, who’s slated to get the next shot at UFC welterweight champ Georges St. Pierre, saying only that he was focusing on his wedding in three weeks, and hadn’t considered anything beyond that point.

“What you don’t hear him saying is no,” White pointed out afterwards.

Seriously … WHAT JUST HAPPENED TONIGHT? I’m so confused.

More videos appearing on and MMA Fighting. More stats over at Fightmetric: Silva/ Sonnen, Fitch / Hughes, and Dos Santos / Nelson. Roy Nelson got punched in the head over one hundred times.