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The Incredible Expanding UFC 117 post 2

(check out Lorenzo Fertitta giving Thiago Alves the stinkeye after he came in half a pound over the 171 limit for his fight with Jon Fitch)

Sounds like Dana White is sick of Thiago Alves not making weight.

“We were just texting a few minutes ago and he said, ‘Hey, I’m sorry about that. I’ll come back stronger,’” said White. “I said, ‘Yeah, at one 185 you will.’ He said, ‘No, I want to stay at 170.’

“It’s not like this guy has been off for a year,” added White. “He looked lethargic tonight. He looked slow. He doesn’t belong at 170. He belongs at 185 pounds.”

When asked if he’d mandate Alves move up a weight class, White vented all but an ultimatum.

“It’s bulls— to have guys make weight and have guys not make weight, especially at this level,” he said. “When you’re in the UFC, your job is to make weight.”

This is the second time Alves has missed weight, and then there was also that incident back in 2007 where he was caught using diuretics.

He might not have won, but Christian Morecraft didn’t look all that bad. Well, his tattoo did, but the ground and pound was pretty decent. No one seems to know anything about this guy so here’s a good profile piece on him.

Yahoo’s post fight press conference report:

After four rounds, he held an insurmountable lead on the scorecards. Nelson Hamilton gave Sonnen a 10-8 in both the first and third rounds and favored Sonnen 40-34 after four. Dan Stell had it 40-35 and Jon Schorle saw it 40-36. Though there was no way Silva could have won a decision, Sonnen said he’d never considered a stall.

“In order to keep him down and to secure that position so the referee allows you to work, you have to work,” Sonnen said. “You have to stay busy. I didn’t know how much time was left. I heard someone reference that there was about a minute and 10 seconds left. I didn’t know that and, frankly, you even get lost about what round it is. He hit me real hard a couple of times. He kicked me real hard a couple of times.

“You get a little disoriented. You’re in the middle of a fistfight on a Saturday night. There’s not a lot of thinking. A lot of people like to talk about strategy and thinking and blah, blah, blah. Come on. This is a fistfight in the middle of Oakland, California, in a steel cage.”

Subo (and Pepper) sez:

Dana talks about how well they think the event sold on PPV:

“Trending tonight was insane,” he said after the event. “We think we did a big number tonight – a really big number. If not one more [expletive] person buys this pay-per-view, I’m happy as a pig in [expletive]. That’s how well we did.

“We have a little formula, and we know how to calculate what we think we’re going to do. It was a ‘holy [expletive]’ moment again.”

Dana White sounds like he’s backtracking on that title shot promise for Jon Fitch:

“What happens is timing is everything,” White said. “We’ve got to figure out – Koscheck and ‘GSP’ are going to fight after their season of ‘The Ultimate Fighter.’ He’s a winner tonight. Shields is going to fight Kampmann. We’ll see how this whole thing plays out.”

“He’s not the exciting fighter you hope for, but the guy’s so dominant, so what are you going to do?” a genuinely perplexed White asked. “You’ve got to give him his respect. He’s one of the best guys in the world. But tonight, out of the entire card, my Twitter [followers were] not too excited about Jon.”

Twitter has spoken, and it’s said “No shot for you!”

(via MMA Fighting)

Stefan Struve’s nasty fat lip.

Here’s a summary of the bizarro world that existed for 23 minutes last night.