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The incredible expanding UFC 116 post

The UFC press conference just ended, a lot of Brock fwapping going on obviously but if you wanna watch the replay it should be up here soon. Best part: Ariel Helwani asking if Brock wanted to share how he was going to celebrate like he did last time and Brock said he was going to “watch DirecTV, drink a bud, and climb up on top of my Harley Davidson.”

Here’s Stephan Bonner looking like he just got dragged behind a truck for half a mile. All the winners were a mess with the exception of George Sotiropoulos, who beat Kurt Pellegrino like it was no big thang.

The only thing better than Gerald Harris’ slam is the reactions from Joe Silva and Joe Rogan in the background. (gif via Caposa on the UG)

Josh Gross draws a big heart around Brock Lesnar’s name and dubs him his #1 heavyweight:

Assumed by many, though unverified until he submitted Carwin Saturday at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, Lesnar is the best heavyweight on the planet. No question. You could make the claim that he’s the most dangerous human on earth when it comes to hand-to-hand combat, and I doubt there’s much of a debate. He showed that potential in the opening round by surviving. He earned the title in the second.

Esther managed to get her hands on the scorecards for Lesnar / Carwin and Sexyama / Leben:

Wasn’t it nice of the UFC to show Kendall Grove vs Goran Reljic as a comedown after the main event?

CageWriter is still the best place to see pics from UFC 116:

Although the LA Times has this good little minigallery of Brock proudly declaring he’s got chin and sharing a smile with his corner:

Ariel Helwani gets an interview with Dana after the post-event press conference:

Out in Vegas people are partying it up. Shane Carwin is out of the hospital and here’s Cheick Kongo, some guy, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Tiki Ghosn, Arianny Celeste, and Goldberg:

ESPN has Brock’s win on the front page (although Wimbledon has top billing) and you can watch the Sportscenter recap of the Lesnar / Brock fight (probably the best legal way to see clips of the fight) right here.

And Esther’s UFC 116 gallery is up at MMA Fighting:

…which means it’s time for me to tap out.