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Incorrect Translations: Never Not Funny

Earlier we posted up photos from K-1’s Dynamite show on New Years Eve (for those who wanted to see what it looked like in something higher than a 320×240 resolution). I clicked on the SportsNavi link to find another Alistair Overeem picture I could compare to Ronnie Coleman when I took a glance at at the article. Being as immature as I am, I couldn’t help but LOL at the sentences Google software had believed to be the correct translation of:

The fight against 12-year victory Kinnikuman decision Tamura II cherry trees in the garden in the world, K-1’s nightmare lose influence

More after the jump:

Realize the long-awaited opportunity, U have attracted attention since the interface 12 years to play with.

Hammer taking a position on the ground (on steel) muster a victory in the stands, but judging by the low Tamura the Left, “I got the game you will not convey, very sorry.”

Shinya Aoki won the sweet victory as opposed to his chest.

Mirko CroCop vs. Megabytes of Choi’s match…

Smashed into the meat also to Bob Sapp’s debut Kin TKO surface flash, the two were MISOKARASHII card, or “always heavyweight” Battle of the punch that unfortunately could not see.

The attention Meanwhile, MANUFU Melvin Hunt against the mark as a pinch hitter who missed Jerome LES BANNA of respiratory failure due to flu.

Minimum knockout tournament, just days before the war emergency, and 40 kg against Hunt and more serious, the best day “of CHIKARA courage,” he might have been MANUFU.

And if only an Aoki Heel Hook could really result in such an outcome, especially with what’s going on right now in the Middle East:

Seized with a tap to make one’s screaming Alvarez, put an end to the fighting ever seen in the world.