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In support of Mirko Crocop

There’s so much negative shit being said nowadays on the internet (none of it ever perpetrated by this site, of course) that it’s actually pretty refreshing when a site makes a post basically backing up a fighter who’s down on his luck. That’s what Dream Fighters has done today for Mirko Crocop:

Mirko Crocop has given us some of the greatest KO’s in the world, and was simply the first person to give hope to “Pure Strikers” In MMA. Not to mention Mirko was the first person to adapt his kicks to suit MMA and make it work. For that, we are dedicating this page to Mirko CROCOP Filipovic.

Mirko has had some tough luck in the past 2 years, and fans across the board have either turned on him, or simply counted him out. Of course he has given little to counter-act that in terms of his performance, but he still has the tools to be the best. In a recent Interview with Andrei Arlovski, Arlovski mentioned Mirko just has to get out of his “mental” slump, and he still has the tools to be top 5 HeavyWeight in the world.

Mirko has always been very nice to, as he has done 3 one on one Interviews with us, and for that we are dedicating this page to him.

The site has put up a big collection of training seminars, backstage PRIDE footage, and other stuff to remind people of how awesome Crocop is. While I will agree that he hasn’t exactly been setting the world on fire lately, I don’t really care. Crocop has provided numerous ‘holy shit’ moments for me over the years and for that I’ll always be a fan. Above is a preview for ‘Crocop to the Top’, my favorite Mirko highlight out there.