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In defense of GSP

Michael Rome from Bloody Elbow has staked out a position I haven’t quite been able to force myself to take: that there is no doubt that Georges is 100% innocent and all this greasing bullshit is just that: bullshit.

Phil Nurse made an idiotic mistake, but the only duplicity here is on the part of Team Penn, which is attempting to burn down the entire sport to protect Penn’s image. Despite his attitude, I’ve always had a great deal of respect for BJ Penn. If he has any integrity at all, he will call off the people in his camp, and make a direct statement to the press that Georges St. Pierre beat him because he’s simply a much better fighter. For a guy that has been around for so long, it’s the least he can do.

Watching a number of fighters who’ve been destroyed by St. Pierre come out and take the opportunity to cast clouds over their losses is equally pathetic. I half expect Jay Hieron to allege St. Pierre used brass knuckles. If Penn and his team decide to actually pursue a formal complaint, Penn will trash his legacy and cement himself as a despised whiner.

When I first read about the greasing allegations, it seemed like a pretty lame story. How much Vaseline could Georges’ corner have really gotten on him? And how much Vaseline would have been needed for BJ to be affected? How much Vaseline do you need so that the shit on your back gets on your opponents calves, destroying his ability to defend passes? To me, that seems like it would require a lot of Vaseline. But even though I never get laid, I’m no Vaseline expert.

I’m a huge GSP fan, but we need to handle every accusation of cheating seriously, regardless of if it’s Georges St Pierre implicated or one of the fuckface Shaws. There are still questions I don’t have answers for, and because of that I’m not willing to dismiss the accusations completely until I know more. Still, it’s worth noting that we’re attacking a guy who is considered one of the most honorable guys in the sport, alongside his coaches who are also highly respected members of the mixed martial arts community.

The good news is that this should be dealt with soon enough. The UFC has two cameras in every corner, so they have that footage to review. NSAC officials were watching the whole thing go down, so they’ll have more useful info too. This isn’t a case where the sketch went down in a backroom like Standgate. This happened literally under the eyeballs of several commissioners. So at least we should have a proper resolution to this mess sooner rather than later.