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Important message from Captain Obvious

Hello everyone, Captain Obvious here. I just wanted to stop by and inform you all of the shocking news that Forrest Griffin and Quinton Jackson are the coaches for TUF7. Woah … are you okay? I know the news would shock and surprise you, but I didn’t expect you to fall over in amazement. I understand though … this is so out of the blue. No one was expecting this at all.

Now before you all start hopping around shouting “Squeeee!”, let’s take a moment with Adam Swift from to see what this means (past weeks of Rampage/Forrest chicanery sponsored by Old Spice):

Assuming an April premier and a twelve-week season, Jackson-Griffin will take place on Saturday June 21st at the earliest. At that time the company’s premier weight class will have been on hold for at least eight months. The Light Heavyweight title will likely be defended only twice next year as the company continues to move towards more of a boxing work load for its top stars (2-3 fights per year).

It doesn’t take a Captain Obvious to tell you that TUF7 will do what TUF6 did to the welterweight division: stall it out and render most bouts practically meaningless past pecking order for sloppy seconds or thirds. And hey, after all that plus a season of terrible television, the big payoff fizzled when Matt Serra’s spine exploded.

I’ve got my fingers crossed that Dana White is serious when he says they’re switching shit up and we’ll be amazed. Because shelving the LHW title is a pretty big deal, and if TUF7 doesn’t live up to expectations it could be yet another big mistake the UFC has made over the past several months.

  • marshal says:

    I’m sure whatever it is will be genius, because TUF rules!

  • hey, waddup Captain Sarcastic!

  • intenso says:

    Why do they even need “head coaches” for this show? Just get them a bjj coach, a boxing coach, a strength coach, whatever.

  • ilostmydog says:

    Captain Obvious fails to mention that the contender picture in the LHW division is completely different than the WW title picture was. While the WW division had several contenders already in line after Hughes (GSP, Fitch, Karo, etc.), the LHW title barely has a qualifiable #1 contender. And don’t even try to say that there are people in line after Griffin. There’s no one. The closest people to a title shot behind him are still 1-2 fights away from getting one. You can’t even compare this situation to the clusterfuck in the WW division.

  • frickshun says:

    As happy as I am about seeing these guys joke around on TUF for 10 weeks, what makes Griffin qualified to fight for the title. He got KO’d by TechnoViking. Then he fought a shitty, boring fight against Sick Dog. Then he had a spectacular finish against. Shogun “My training consists of looking in the mirror a lot” Rua. So I guess you really are only as good as your last fight. Rampage had to fight Liddell & Hendo in his last 2. Little diff in comp there?

  • dignan says:

    Here’s how it should go down:

    #1) TUF plays out like it always has, with regular borderline UFC regulars.
    #2) Ken and Frank Shamrock are participants.
    #3) The Winner of each team has the choice to fight THEIR coach, or the opposing teams coach.
    #4) In the unlikely chance of a victory of over their respective coach…the universe would than collapse.

    That’s shaking it up.

  • Beau says:

    ilostmydog has a point. Even Griffin wasnt a consensus #1 contender but him and rampage should make for great TV. The fight will happen in June-July so that gives us 6 months to figure out who should the the #1 contender after they fight. I think this is fine cause it gives all the top contenders time for 2 more fights. Soko, Machida, Silva, Liddel, Jardine, other Silva, Shogun, etc… All these guys could use 2 more fights to either prove they deserve the shot or just to get some name recognition. I see plenty of potential matchups to get us through the next 6 months. At least there will be a title defended every month with the other weight classes.

  • Jersey Tomato says:

    Has Dana White lost his mind? First he calls his own show “monotonous”, then he announces that Forrest will be a coach during next TUF season but won’t tell us who the other one will be. To find out, we will have to watch the video game awards the following night. Is that his idea of marketing??? But wait…the video awards show was promo’ed during the TUF broadcast and it included a shot of Quinton. Hmmm…. who could that other coach be???

    This is not only pathetic marketing but a bad decision all around. You would have thought the UFC learned its lesson with the Serra-Hughes fiasco. The UFC needs to decide whether it wants to be a hype-machine like the WWE or an organization where they pit the best fighters against one another in the octagon. To hell with this TUF bullshit! I want to see the fights and do not like the idea of the current LHW belt-holder going 9 months between title defenses. Hell, Fedor fights almost as often as that….

    What a joke…

  • Mobb Deep says:

    I’m just happy to see more of Rampage. Hes fuckin hilarious.

  • sonzai says:

    ilostmydog is Captain Truth. Here’s more truth Captain Obvious forgot: both Rampage and Forrest are hurt and won’t even be ready for full training until January at the earliest. To compare this to the WW situation is rather silly.

  • I read somewhere, I can’t remember which site but it was a pretty accurate one, back when TUF 7 was first announced that whoever the coaches ended up being, that the fight wouldn’t be all the way until July.

  • RoB says:

    Amy, fightlinker is the only accurate site. all hail fightlinker.