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I’m going to need the Jackals for this one

I’m looking for links to videos that confirm these sentiments on why The Fedor left judo and sambo for MMA, expressed in an interview via Fighter’s Only:

In my situation I had absolutely no choice: in all of the Russian championships I was always third-third-third… In our sport the first place always goes to the “world” competitions, the second – to “Europe’s”. I was always third. I was tired and was asking them if they had a conscience at all, I’m fighting, and the entire room’s yelling at the judge – “what are you watching?”… I couldn’t get through, so I left. But it was very hard. Leaving everything I live for, everything I had accomplished. It maybe wasn’t that much, but the Russian team – was a good result. I was on both the Russian Judo and the Russian Sambo team. I consider that a good result for an athlete. I had to leave all of that and start from scratch.

I’m more than ready to believe it, but a) sambo is bad ass, b) bad judging is the closest thing combat sports has to cancer and c) watching someone standing next to Fedor get their hand raised (that’s not TK, that is) has to be fucking weird.