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“I’m competitive with Chael Sonnen”

Matt Lindland is doing the media rounds trying to convince people that he’s still relevant, and he may still be. But it’s hard to argue that his Strikeforce Challengers fight against Kevin Casey this weekend will tell us very much. Kasey is 3-1 in MMA and his main claim to fame is as ‘reality show star’ Spencer Pratt’s jiu jitsu instructor. It’s one of those fight bookings that just leaves you scratching your head, wondering who the fuck it’s supposed to appeal to. Lindland would have to be completely shot to fuck this one up, and he certainly doesn’t think that’s his current situation:

“I’m not writing myself off,” Lindland said. “I’m training hard. I’m in the room every day. I’m competitive with Chael (Sonnen), who’s the number one contender at middleweight. I’m right there training with him, side by side every day, so I think that the fans might be making a bit of a mistake or putting me out to pasture a little too early.”

It’s funny that Lindland has to invoke Chael Sonnen’s name nowadays to convince people he’s legit. Personally, I’d just point to how Jacare dominated Joey Villasenor with ease and say his loss there has more to do with Jacare’s awesomeness than any inherent shittiness on Lindland’s part.