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IFL’s plans for 2008 sound similar to 2007

The IFL just released a document which basically details their battleplan for 2008. And if you wanna know basically what it says you could go and read the whole thing, or you can trust me when I say there’s nothing revolutionary in there.

They’re hoping live television and a smarter event schedule will save the day, along with their focus away from ‘teams’ onto ‘camps’. Hey, I’m sure IFL founder Kurt Otto also likes to call his ‘little’ penis ‘huge’ too, but that doesn’t change how terribly small it is. A team concept by any other name would suck as badly, as Shakespeare was fond of saying. He also was known to say “The IFL sucketh like a 17 year old on Spring Break – vigorously but with little to nary skill”

There’s a decent amount of info in there about the IFL wanting to draw other camps into the fray who wouldn’t otherwise have anything to do with the IFL. I’m sure Jay Larkin masturbates to the idea of Randy Couture submitting an Xtreme Couture camp to the picture, but that’s not likely.

Randy’s already whacked the UFC hornet’s nest too many times this year. Getting in bed with the IFL would be like sticking his penis into the aforementioned hornet’s nest. If that happened I wouldn’t be surprised to see the TUF7 finale featuring the ritual sacrifice of Forrest Griffin and the burning of all video tapes featuring the Natural.

  • nicklovesmma says:


  • i don’t even care enough to keep track anymore

  • MacDaddy says:

    Doesn’t Forrest fighting Quinton Jackson basically amount to a ritual sacrifice anyways? All they have to do is get an octagon with a pentagram on the mat to soak up his poor, virgin blood….

  • miken says:

    The Training Camps idea is 100x better than the City based Team format. Who the fuck cares about Toronto Beavers or Texas Armadillos when the team is filled with random jackasses who aren’t even necessarily local fighters from the city they are based in? Nobody, thats who.
    At least with the camp format we have established training camps that followers of MMA already know and love (and hate) for people to rally behind. It will also help to give some further promotion to individual camps, and help to establish something of a pecking order (or at least display which camps are on what level).

  • It would have been a good idea if they’d done that properly in the beginning. But even now they still aren’t. The lions and silverbacks will still be the lions and the silverbacks instead of the Lion’s Den and MFS. The idea of bringing in outside camps is a good one … if they could get promising camps like Punishment, Jackson’s, and Xtreme Couture to play ball. But as I said, they’re fucking shit up, bringing on the wrong guys who have contrived camps that are nowhere near considered top level.

  • matt(tapout name shitstain) says:

    I still dont see how these big name camps don’t have B level fighters training there to fight for the IFL.

  • Are there any camps that are involved with the IFL that regularly get fighters to the UFC?