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IFL tries to generate some press off Kimbo

Shit, today is EliteXC day! Seems like everyone’s trying to jump in on the apparent hype for the show, including the IFL’s Jay Larkin. In his first public statement that hasn’t been a weepy declaration that MMA is a financial disaster, Jay tries to convince us that a fight between Kimbo Slice and IFL heavyweight Roy “Fat Fuck” Nelson is a realistic possibility: was informed by IFL President and CEO Jay Larkin earlier this morning that casual talks have taken place between his organization and EliteXC Live Events President Gary Shaw regarding an inter-promotional fight between IFL heavyweight champion Roy Nelson and Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson.

According to Larkin, formal talks about a Nelson vs. Slice fight have yet to take place but discussions could intensify Monday morning, depending on the outcome of Slice’s heavyweight bout during EliteXC’s debut on CBS this Saturday night.

“If Kimbo wins, we’ll make that match (Nelson vs. Slice) without hesitation,” Larkin said during an exclusive interview with Five Ounces of Pain. “We”ll do in on an IFL card or an Elite card — we don’t care. Promotions working together is the only way for this business to grow.”

Oh, I’m sure YOU would do it on an IFL card, Jay. And I’m sure YOU would make a fight between Kimbo and Nelson. But why in God’s name would EliteXC make this fight? What possible upside is there? Roy Nelson is neither well known or easy enough to practically guarantee victory, which pretty much makes him 0-2 on the scorecard Gary Shaw uses for picking Kimbo’s victims. Oh, and the IFL literally REEKS of failure and immanent death. And just like on the plains of Africa, the weak don’t get a fucking hand … they get isolated and left for the jackals.

My bet is the only person Jay has been having ‘casual’ talks with is Gary Shaw’s answering machine.

  • Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    So, there have been no talks, and the not talking will increase in volume after the fight.

    I don’t think he’s even not talking to Gary’s answering machine. I suspect he’s not talking to his dog, and I FEAR that his dog is talking back.

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if EliteXC buys the IFL.
    May Mr. Larkin is having contract talks with himself.

  • Tertio says:

    Mr Larkin commited suicide last week. We are talking to his son Jay Jr who is in a mental institution. Sorry to break the news.

  • Actually we’re talking to Roy Nelson

  • Mike_N says:

    “Kimbo vs. Giant Redneck” sounds like ratings gold.

  • It’s easy enough to create hype for the fight. Look at the picture of Nelson for Allah’s sake. He’s a fat redneck’s hero and that Confederate flag sure doesn’t help his standing amongst black folks. Just let him make some racial remarks and have Kimbo respond. The hype is there.

    Look at Hopkins vs. Calzaghe. That should never have generated interest past the dedicated boxing fans, but Hopkins calling Calzaghe out as… well, white created that interest with casual viewers.

  • Asa says:

    I gotta agree with Allah here. An MMA race war is just what Gary Shaw needs to fill up those arenas.

  • drewdoodoo says:

    There is one connection between Kimbo and the IFL that hasn’t been mentioned, Bas. He may be able to pull strings on both sides to make it happen.

  • *rubs eyes*

    is there a reason why my post would have been deleted?

  • koolpaw says:

    Oh, hey his nick name is not “Fat Fuck” or “Giant Redneck” ! he is Roy Big “Fat Fuck” Country Nelson !!

    Seriously, i would say its a good muchup for both, Big Country and IFL can get exposure, kimbo can get serious experience and testing, Not bad at all. I dont like heavy-weight fight so much, but both are the fighters who are fun to watch for me, Especially Big Country has been doing OK, most of fighters of IFL deserve more exposure.

    Problems u are talking about are all $ , business and that Gary “FAT Bastard” Shaw , right?