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IFL to Andre Gusmao : You ain’t going nowhere, bitch

Remember back in the day when the IFL was that nice promotion that treated fighters well and took care of them? Well, fuck that shit. Lately things have been a little bit different for the tanking organization. Basically, I think they realized smiles and rainbows don’t pay the bills.

What does? Superstar fighters like Andre Gusmao! So rather than let Andre head to the UFC as has been reported over the past few weeks, the IFL has decided to exercise an option on his contract that lets them lock him into the IFL’s 2008 season. Things get even weirder from there:

The UFC had been in discussions with someone falsely claiming to be representing Gusmao and misrepresenting information during the faux negotiations. According to the source, the UFC was contacted by the IFL soon after hearing the reports of Gusmao’s departure.

The UFC, which had never extended a formal offer and never made an official announcement, ceased all negotiations with Gusmao after being contacted by the IFL.

Remember, folks. There’s always at least two sides to every story: what people want you to believe and the truth. In this case my spidey senses are pointing towards Gusmao attempting to sneak out the backdoor and getting sucked back into the IFL because of a shitty contract.

  • Xavier says:

    If Dana White did this, it’d be a lead story across all websites with vicious condemnation of him.

    People won’t care because it’s the IFL and the IFL is trying to fight the evil empire!

  • This is an odd little contractual dispute story. One thing to consider is that Gusmao has very little experience in the MMA world. Maybe 5 fights to his record. It just seems like more because he’s such a natural talent (=beast). But it would be wicked to see the UFC have their first capoeira champion. His celebratory moves after he helped the Pitbulls win the IFL championship were a great deal more graceful than a GSP backflip