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IFL ratings are in and they’re not very good

Sam Caplan is reporting that the IFL live show drew a .4 rating on Saturday night:

It’s believed that the company considers the show a success because the numbers were a 20% increase from the previous week’s taped broadcast. MyNetworkTV was also able to sell out the ad inventory for the hour and there was additional press coverage of the IFL leading up to the first live telecast.

Right now a plan is being put in place to secure a two-hour live telecast on MyNetworkTV for the World Grand Prix finals on Dec. 29. that would start at 8 p.m. ET. The lightweight, welterweight, middleweight, and heavyweight titles would be decided with the idea of the show serving as an unofficial lead-in for the UFC 79 pay-per-view at 10 p.m. ET.

MyNetworkTV might consider 0.4 a success, but to put things in context, the first three weeks of IFL Battleground drew a 0.7, 0.6, and 0.8 rating. To me, the current ratings they’re getting are pretty dismal because instead of representing the 0.4 that watched, it really shows how many viewers they’ve lost and can’t get back even with the promise of live shows.

This just confirms that there’s no quick fix that will make things better for the IFL … a lot of people have already made their minds up regarding the quality of their product and are sick of wasting their time on it.

I hope new head honcho Jay Larkin pushes his ideas through and makes a very clear distinction between this season and the next one, because if I didn’t have to cover the IFL on account of running this site, I wouldn’t bother coming back unless there were major obvious changes.

  • Jonathan says:

    Can we at least agree that the IFL is trying to do a heck of a whole lot more than any other organization out there not named the UFC?

  • Swedish guy says:

    And elight XC too.

  • intenso says:

    Having something like this (when you are basically a big nobody) on a Saturday night seems stupid to me. We are right in the thick of the college football season, and while internets dorks might not like to watch football, I guarantee you plenty of MMA’s 18-35 year old male target audience does.

  • intenso says:

    Oh and also I’m sure some people have social lives too or whatever.

  • Lifer says:

    isn’t the ufc show going to be on the 29th..?

  • The first show i attended was last years IFL championships. Had a good time, lots a beer. But watching it on tv will all the commercials is difficult. Even though the fight nights have tons of commercials at least the quality of the card is better so theres a reward for patience

  • Xavier says:

    0.4 is an awful, awful, awful rating. That usually represents the amount of people who fell asleep watching the channel and aren’t even awake to begin with.

    Old fucking Seinfeld repeats do better.

  • hbdale309 says:

    The IFL might want to think about putting their live shows on a week night. While the UFC can pull off big weekend cards w/ the Titos, Chucks, Randys and so on… I seriously doubt people are going to stay home on a Saturday night to watch ‘The Janitor’ fight against, well, an actual janitor.

  • Luke says:

    The show wasn’t live in the mountain or pacific time zones, so a .4 actually isn’t that bad.