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IFL off MyNetworkTV or not?

According to the Fight Network, yeah:

The relationship lasted less than a year. MyNetworkTV has severed ties to the International Fight League, which had provided taped content for the network since March 12. MyNetworkTV officials confirmed this week that IFL programming “would no longer be on the schedule.”

According to Kurt Otto, maybe not:

The one thing that could easily separate the IFL from the rest of the pack is a deal on broadcast television. After reaching out to MyNetwork, a network spokesperson reports that any IFL programming for 2008 is “on hiatus,” meaning it may or may not return to the airwaves. However, Otto remains more optimistic.

“(The network) is excited about having us. Our ratings went up 20-percent,” says Otto. After all, there is little other programming that so reliably delivers the coveted male 18-36 year old demographic to networks and advertisers.

Of course, the IFL probably wouldn’t even be around if they didn’t have a way to spin all the shitty stuff that happens to them in a positive light. 10 cent stocks? That just opens up the company to a wider investment base! Off MyNetworkTV? Just a temporary thing, they’re actually super duper excited to work with us!

Although I am kinda surprised – it’s not like MyNetworkTV has anything better in the wings. The slot which once held Battleground is now hosting ‘Paradise Hotel 2’. Actually, come to think of it, I’d rather watch that than the IFL too.

  • #1 jackal says:

    i actually like watching the ifl. sure they do a lot of story behind the story stuff, but i dont mind watching it.

    Ok, flame away…

  • MacDaddy says:

    Paradise Hotel has better jiu jitsu than the IFL

  • Jackie Chiles says:

    Paradise Hotel is pure gold.
    Watch it and I dare you not to be entertained.

  • RoB says:

    yeah the ifl has all kinds of story behind the story, then they skip to a fight which had nothing to do with the story, to a clip from a previous unrelated fight, back to a story, then i shoot myself to end the confusion

  • garth says:

    There’s a few IFL fights I’ve enjoyed, but overall it can sure be tiresome. Does anyone here even have MyNetworkTVChannelWhatever? I’ve never seen it.

  • Dumbout! says:

    Start another fightlinker led email crusade to get MyNetworkTv to keep the IFL alive!

  • Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.



  • they lost more money producing the show for My Network than they got back in rights fees for it, while it hurts their visibility it ain’t hurtin their bottom line. The deal with HDNet, cuban’s channel is bearing all the cost of production because they have to use special hi def camera’s so that will be a money saver and they can still shop around the footage to another network FSN/MYNet etc…..