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IFL looking for more gimmicks to save them

As a general rule I try to ignore all stories mixing MMA and pro wrestling, but I’ve ignored this story for as long as I can. You guys know my thoughts on pro wrestling. You also know my opinion on pro wrestlers in MMA. And finally you know that the IFL can’t implement a good idea well, let alone a bad one.

The bad idea in this case: Kurt Angle fighting for the IFL.

On the surface, it doesn’t seem like a bad idea. Kurt would pop the ratings for the IFL and draw in hokey pro wrestling fans who are already hooked to a sub-par product. But the devil is in the detail, and that’s where you start to realize that this deal would suck for the IFL. The amount of cheddar they would have to pony up for one fight from Angle would be vast indeed, and I doubt you’re going to be getting more than two fights a year out of the guy. That’s assuming the IFL is even around for another year.

Despite all his yapping about MMA domination, I doubt Kurt Angle is deluded enough to step into the ring with a real name in the MMA world. So you are basically going to have Kurt Angle vs some random guy (which is lame). Add in the fact that the IFL has never been good at marketing it’s existing talents, and there’s no way Kurt Angle is the answer to the IFL’s problems. Although he would be an interesting distraction to watch as the IFL sinks into bankruptcy.

  • garth says:

    I’ll only watch if he does a backflip off the top turnbuckle after turning his back on his obviously stunned opponent while exhorting the crowd to cheer for his biceps.

  • Royal B. says:

    Kurt Angle is a leech. He knows he can’t do fuck all in MMA, but uses it to sound badass and sell a couple of TNA tickets. That’s it. Deep down, he’s a chicken shit mother fucker who doesn’t have an ounce of whatever physical credibility he had in the first place.

  • Mr. Theplague says:

    He probably make for an uber-boring lay and pray fight.

  • ted dibiase says:

    yep. kurt would just smother his opponent and do nothing on the ground. he thinks he can dominate mma cuz he can wrestle. thats it. he thinks hes a better wrestler than randy couture so mma would be nothing for him.


    kurt is delusional
    kurt is trying to paid up the ass
    kurt loves publicity

  • kentyman says:

    Those three scenarios are not mutually exclusive.