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IFL draft comes up shallow

I know the whole point of the IFL draft was to find diamonds in the rough, but I’m sure IFL execs were hoping for at least a few notable fighters from smaller organizations to show up. Unfortunately for them, past the always game but not always capable Jason Guida, the only other notable names they got were journeyman Brian Gassaway and TUF3 quitter Noah Inhofer. You can see the entire list of draft fighters here at MMA on Tap.

The thing I don’t get is how exactly this draft is going to work … are the guys who get picked going to have to move wherever their team is? Are they going to have to give up their existing training camps? How many free places are really available on IFL teams? I imagine most coaches in the IFL are giving the huge majority if not all their spots to fighters from their own training camps.

In short, the idea of a draft is all nice and well and it plays into the whole ‘league’ feel, but I’ll be amazed if more than 10 guys actually get drafted into any of the teams.

  • Accomando says:

    Lightweights….”…John Murphy…”

    Aghhh, hell yeah!!!!

    Murph-Dog, T-2, he’s an animal and 1 of my homies. He trains with the Guida’s and at my spot with my bro all the time. Great High School wrestler and he just got a GnP’d victory last friday at an XFO event.

    I think he might eventually be an alternate for Miletich’s team, not 100% on that, but I know that Pat talked to him directly, and put his name on the list.

  • Does anyone know how the draft selection worked? Were the coaches at the tryouts? Did they bring fighters with them to try out?

  • Accomando says:

    here is the second hand low down.

    They all showed up, then there was individual stations for wrestling, jui jitsu, ect..

    Then after that, they fought each other in MMA fights with head gear and the 4 oz. gloves on. They were being observed the entire time.

    Murph said some kid tried to put him in a headlock and he then slammed the kid into the ground KO’ing his ass.

    Thats what I heard.

  • Mr. Theplague says:

    Diamonds in the rough? More like peanuts in the shit.

  • haha, what have you done with kentyman!

  • kentyman says:

    I think a recent breakup has put me in a slump. Don’t worry, we all get them. Even Vince Vaughn.

    I’m just glad we have Mr. Theplague to play Vince’s character from Swingers, while I’m playing Fred Claus.