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IFL death watch

For the second time in a week, IFL president Jay Larkin has been sounding uber-depressed about the state of MMA:

What does one do to grow the audience? What does one do to sell tickets besides putting on the best show you could possibly put on? And when you put that show on and you still can’t sell tickets well then you have to ask yourself does the public want this? Do they really want fights? Do they want mixed martial arts? Do they want competition at the highest level of the sport? Or do they want to run around wearing their Affliction t-shirts and swigging Xyience. What is this really about? Is there really a fan base for this or is it a cult? And I’ll tell you, as truthfully as I can, I don’t know the answer.

Even if you’re just a Xyience swilling Affliction wearing meathead who doesn’t care about the IFL, you should still check out the full interview to read everything Larkin is saying, if only to giggle about how badly the dude just doesn’t ‘get it’. I could write a book on why the IFL hasn’t been successful, but that would cut into my porn watching time (which has increased greatly since I found Empornium). Instead I’ll just quote Ben over at Cage Potato who sums up the IFL’s current problem with a lot less four letter words than we would have used:

EliteXC is Kimbo Slice and Gina Carano. WEC is Urijah Faber. Strikeforce is Frank Shamrock and Cung Le. The IFL, on the other hand, is a questionable camp system where no single fighter is given more attention then his legendary coach. Larkin seems to think that solid matchups between up-and-comers should have been enough to make his league marketable. Am I a fake MMA fan for thinking that personalities create interest, not just talent?

I’m kinda getting the feeling from all these somber quotes from Jay Larkin that the IFL has traveled deep down Shit Creek and have suddenly found themselves in the Bay of Totally Fucked. It’s too bad as well … their last show in New Jersey was actually pretty good and their next show is looking decent as well. If they’d started out this strong in the first place rather than burning millions and millions to get where they are today, they might have actually had a chance.

  • Big D D says:


  • Captain says:

    I never understood why Caplan was all over Larkin’s jock like the MMA industry should be honored to have him involved in the IFL. Dude hasn’t done anything to make that promotion any more exciting and he’s fooling himself if he thinks they put on the highest level of competition. The only high level competitor they have is Wagney Fabiano and if he’s smart he’ll make a move to the WEC right quick. Larkin’s quote is pretty much everything that someone running a public company should not say. Think anyone’s going to invest some capital in the IFL when Larkin throws his hands up says I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing? Don’t ask for whom the bell tolls, IFL. The bell tolls for thee.

  • frickshun says:

    Sooooooo, you found the holy grail AKA Empornium?? That site is either a great help to my marriage or it’s ruining it. I don’t think the rest of the guys on here understand the power we wield. YOU CAN TYPE ANY WORD OR NAME & GET GIGS OF DIGITAL HAPPINESS.

  • Jemaleddin says:

    So I guess Ryan’s internet connection problems are sorted now – a good porn source can often motivate that sort of thing.

  • Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    UFC still seems to be fine, even after dropping Xyience and Affliction.

    Maybe IFL should consider living within their means as a way to make a profit. In the current economy though…it’s bread first, circuses next, and IFL not at all for lots of people.

  • pillow says:

    At least they dropped the impossible-to-follow / remember Animal Mascot system

  • Lifer says:

    am i remembering incorrectly or didnt they get the xtreme couture monniker somehow and then not even have xtreme couture fighters on the team? some shit like that?

    i think their biggest problem is getting their message out (ive never seen IFL advertising anywhere but i see the ufc all over the place, even here in toronto) and not really having the ‘big name’ fighters. they just take the rejects from the other orgs which i assume is done in an attempt to cash in on their ‘star power’ while most mma enthusiasts view it as them accepting the table scraps from big daddy Dana.

    the only fighter from the IFL that i really care about is waggney fabiano who’s the fucking man and my first bjj instructor. as long as he ends up somewhere good (he’d destroy uriah faber imo) i wont be heartbroken if the IFL goes under.

  • Stryker says:

    what the hell, you guys are advertising porn>
    you sell outs!… there are far better sources of porn that are free.

  • frickshun says:

    Hey Stryker–>it IS free.

  • Captain says:

    I should have posted this before. A piece by Roy Englebrecht (some CA promoter I’ve never heard of) on Adam Swift’s blog basically saying that Larkin and the rest of the people running the IFL are idiots, which they are.

  • S. Jennum says:

    this little habit they used to have of putting their shows on the night before or in some cases the same night as major UFC events will go down as an all-time blunder. Imagine if someone tried to start a rival league to the NFL and put their games head to head with the playoffs, then wondered why no one was watching their games.