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If you’re a retard, you probably had a press pass to UFC79

No one hates shoddy ‘mainstream’ media more than me and Luke from Bloody Elbow. Except perhaps Steve Cofield from Fox Sports Radio, who is part of the mainstream media himself. He took the time to make a special post lambasting the fucking retards who got into the event under the designation of press who obviously didn’t know shit about anything:

Early in the conference, he yells at Dana White asking why Big John didn’t ref a fight? He followed that up minutes later by cutting off someone else asking a question. He did ask a decent question to Liddell after that but it was used as comic relief for Dana White and Liddell.

No confirmation that it was the same guy, but later in the conference-someone asked Dean Lister how the knee to the face and DQ win felt? One problem, that was James Irvin. White didn’t let the “media” member slide on this gaff.

I know as a fact that there’s tons of people getting press creds who at best are MMA webmasters sneaking through the ‘backdoor’ with fake references, and at worse are just friends of the guy who runs the local AM radio station or regional paper.

I’d suggest that the UFC should try harder to weed out all the bullshit, but it’d probably just be easier to screen the fucking questions before they’re asked. Of course, then you’ve only got Papa Dana answering only the questions he wants to hear. So I guess we just gotta look at stupid Sherdog Radio quality questions as the price we pay for press freedom. Because FREEDOM’S NOT FREE, DON’T YOU KNOW???