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If you have testicles, you probably don’t need testosterone therapy

MMA Fighting talks to Dr Don Catlin, the founder of the UCLA Olympic Analytical Lab, about the proper process for handing out therapuetic use exemptions for testosterone a la what Dan Henderson, Chael Sonnen, and Nate Marquardt got. Surprise surprise, Dr Don thinks what’s going down is a joke:

“What we do in the IOC, is we have specialists all over the world who all they do for us is conduct examinations for athletes who claim to be low on testosterone,” said Catlin. “The levels of testosterone in men vary all over the place. Unless this particular person we send them to, and the people they send the data to for examination say so, we don’t give them [a TUE]. I think in all the years I’ve done it, we’ve given two. One was a kid who didn’t have any testicles because he had a terrible accident ten years ago or something. It just doesn’t happen.”

The rest of the article is a good rehash of what’s wrong with the current drug testing regiment in MMA and why it’s so screwed up. TL;DR – the UFC points to the commissions and says they’re responsible, while the commissions are underfunded and don’t perform any of the right testing. Urine tests are about as modern as 8-track tapes when it comes to drug testing, and one of the few useful things you can do with piss – carbon isotope ratio testing – isn’t being done.

It’s all one giant mess, which is why I prefer to just close my eyes, cover my ears and sing la la la la I’m not paying attention la la la no one’s using steroids in MMA la la la la la certainly not 80% or more of the fighters la la la la la.