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If there was any doubt that Chuck nekkid vid was an ad…

The video of Chuck Liddell working out naked managed to maintain it’s mystery for all of one day before TMZ party pooped things and revealed the video to be part of a viral video campaign for Reebok’s ugly ass ZigTech shoes. Well played, Reebok and Chuck, and I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised that you guys wouldn’t give up on the stunt so easily. Here’s what Chuck told Kevin Iole (who really is the go to guy when you wanna lie about something and get away with it):

“I was staying at a buddy’s house and we thought it would be funny to go work out,” Liddell said. “I don’t know why the [expletive] they would do that.”

He was asked if he knew who shot it.

“There was no one else at the house,” Liddell said. “There was no one staying there. My buddy’s out of town. It was at Brad’s house, Brad Penny. We were just staying at his house. He has a private gym. You walk past his pool and there’s a private gym. We go into the sauna all the time and there’s a hot tub right there.

“It’s not a big deal. We’ve never had a problem. I’m more worried about Heidi. Well, she’s cool about it and isn’t getting too upset. She’s not real happy about it. I’m not happy about it. Well, I’m not real shy. My kids can see it and that’s the part, explaining it, that’s hard.”

If there was any doubts whatsoever, here’s more confirmation this is all a Reebok viral campaign: here’s fellow Zig pusher Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson, also coincidentally filmed buck naked except for those shoes (a bit lazy recycling the same idea, you viral marketers). You might remember Chad from this video here featuring Chuck and some douchebags from Jersey Shore. So there you go, if you hadn’t connected the dots already. Now let us never speak of these shoes again.