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If Royce were innocent…

I was just thinking … if I were Royce Gracie and some dumbfuck in California was telling everyone I juiced when I didn’t, the first thing I’d do would be to get tested by another trusted organization and release the results. I’d do this over and over till everyone knew the original claims were bullshit. Then I’d go back to Cali and kick that asshole’s face in.

But so far, no alternate testing has been done. No face kicking has occurred. Oh Royce, you make me so sad.

  • Mattio says:

    K1 paid him to flunk the drug test to keep Sakuraba strong and promised him another 6 figure salary for a rematch in Japan. (sorry, couldn’t resist, thinking like a carny can be fun sometimes).

  • Jonathan says:

    Makes sense Mattio

  • There was an article where they talked to someone who said if Royce was drugged, then they could check by doing a test on his hair … basically if he was a user overthe course of training you’d see it in his hair. Long story short, there’s 101 ways to tell if this is a fuckup or a set up or whatever else. Royce should be living in a lab to disprove this shit.