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If pictures are worth 1000 words, how many words are animated gifs worth?

In MMA, headbutts happen. Two guys throw themselves into the clinch and they bop skulls … that’s just one of 999 different ways a headbutt can happen during a fight. But how many ways can a headbutt happen after the end of a fight? For the answer to this riddle, we turn to Saturday’s Cage Rage following Phil Baroni’s KO of some dude no one cares about (but just in case you do care just a little, his name was Scott Jansen).

Typically, news sites are all over juicy stuff like this, but today the scoop has been delivered by the MMA forums across the internet, providing tons of screenshots and gifs and data on what followed. Here’s what we know: After knocking Jansen the hell out, Baroni went over to check if he was okay – pretty classy, eh? In response, Jansen’s brother Dean went ahead and nutted Phil – for those of you who don’t know hooligan terminology, it means he headbutted the shit out of him.

Now if that wasn’t enough, there was also some random chick in the cage as well who got into Baroni’s grill and flipped him off. This charming lady is Hayley Finch aka Jansen’s wife/manager/nude model. Do i even have to say that last link is NSFW? What, are you trying to get fired??? Don’t click on it unless you wanna see titties! Strange, perfectly cylindrical mammoth titties.

Baroni just took the assault and abuse and backed away. Man … after watching that video with Phil’s shitbox of a car (thanks again to jackal Allah Ackbar for that link) and now witnessing this, I’m actually starting to see Phil as something of a sympathetic figure. And this is barely a week after he was !allegedly! (oh, what a fun word to add in when there are some doubts) high out of his tree calling people ‘fat jews’.