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If only Nick Diaz had just asked

Funny thing about the Nick Diaz weed situation … NSAC head Keith Kizer says if Nick’s camp had applied for a therapeutic use exemption, he might have actually gotten it:

Given that Diaz’ coach and manager, Cesar Gracie, has made a point of saying that Diaz has a legal right to use marijuana in California since a doctor prescribed it to him, one would have expected Diaz to have applied for the exemption with the commission.

But that did not happen Kizer explains, as no one from Diaz’ camp has ever attempted to explain any mitigating circumstances to him about the fighter’s marijuana use or tried to contextualize it to attempt for Nick to granted a therapeutic exemption. “I have no idea what [Diaz’s] marijuana situation is,” Kizer told CagePotato on Thursday. “No one from his camp has ever come to me or the commission and tried to explain it.”

Cesar Gracie deserves a nice chunk of Nick Diaz’s money for babysitting him through the oh so complex world of ultimate man fightin’, but this is one of those cases where you have to ask where he was on this one? Where he was those times Nick didn’t get on the plane to hit up those press conferences? There have been several key moments where a little managerial manipulation would have helped Diaz greatly.

Then again, I think on a week to week basis there are often a dozen key moments, and if Cesar misses one or two now and then it’s because he’s only human and he probably expects Nick to be able to wipe his own ass from time to time. Probably a mistaken assumption, but as Cesar himself has said in the past, Nick is a grown man.

There’s also the very real chance that if Nick’s camp had submitted the exemption, it might have screwed things up even worse. You never know how a commish is gonna react to something new, and trying to do ‘the right thing’ could have resulted in some crazy decision from them that would have ruined the fight before it even happened. Better to just drink a lot of water and hope for the best.