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If Kimbo wants respect, he’s gotta earn it in the cage

In Ben Fowlkes’ latest column, Bas Rutten responds to the aggro black hate being thrown at Kimbo last week by an ESPN columnist:

“I don’t see anything that he does wrong for these people to talk about him like this,” Rutten said. “Is it just because of the way he dresses that they call him a thug? If he dressed however they told him to dress, just to make people happy, that seems more like a slave to me. More people know him than know some other fighters, and some guys don’t like that, but that’s not his fault.”

Personally, I agree that the attack on Kimbo was pretty off base. While I understand that lots of black people HATE the thug image and how it drags the entire race down into negative stereotypes, there’s right ways and wrong ways to go about expressing that. Lynching Kimbo in print form = not the right way.

On the other hand, this has brought back the old adage that if you hate Kimbo, you must be racist. So let me say it again: We hate Kimbo Slice for the same reason we hated Gina Carano and Britney Spears and even Roger Huerta: because they’re overhyped products of a marketing campaign who had very little substance to them. Huerta answered the accusations by knocking out Clay Guida. Gina Carano answered by running off to American Gladiators. And Britney Spears answered by having a complete public meltdown, featuring multiple shots of her beard beef. Now if only Gina had cracked like that. Oh well, there’s still time.

So the answer is simple. If Kimbo wants the majority of people to stop hating on him, he needs to step up and face someone legitimate. The time for blaming managers or the promotion for giving him a series of glass jaw goombahs is over … he now has the pull to ask for a REAL challenge. I don’t think anyone’s asking him to step into the cage with Fedor or Josh Barnett (although knowing Fedor’s management, they’d probably like that idea a lot). We just want to see him up against someone who’s career isn’t in a tailspin.

  • Lifer says:

    i agree with everything Bas has said about anything ever.

  • DumOut! says:

    “i agree with everything Bas has said about anything ever.” = WIN

  • Accomando says:

    “…Huerta answered the accusations by knocking out Clay Guida…”

    He didn’t KO Clay Guida.

    Maybe you meant “knocking off” Clay Guida?

  • garth says:

    i saw a guy dressed in a suit, and he was white.

    therefore, all white guys are businessmen.


  • garth says:

    let’s be real here. there’s no way the kimbo will have people stop hating on him. ever. he could be every top HW, drop down and beat every top LHW, and still be hated on. people hate fucking Fedor, who’s done nothing other than beat every fighter in front of him (with a cut exception, watch the vid before you freak out). so what makes anyone think people won’t hate Kimbo no matter what he does?

  • RoB says:

    i personally would enjoy fucking fedor…i think

  • Captain says:

    After all the back and forth seeing Kimbo knock out Fedor would be one of the most awesomest but yet saddest MMA moments.

  • D-Rock Dizzle Jones says:

    Huerta answered the accusations by knocking out Clay Guida

    He defeated Clay with a submission. Rear naked choke if I remember correctly. This is why we hate you

  • Ben F says:

    You’re absolutely right, Fightlinker, which is why my article included this sentence:

    “The notoriety that got him to this point is now an albatross around his neck, and the only way to get rid of it is by proving himself like a regular fighter.”

    i.e. in the cage. Maybe if he beats Thompson we’ll get our wish.

  • godzillad says:

    Yeah Mr. Fight Finders, Huerta forcibly started making Weekend at Bernie’s 3 with his knees before putting on the choke. That’s like saying Frank Mir didn’t KO Roberto Traven.

    ”i agree with everything Bas has said about anything ever.”

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure you agreed with him that Takase was a future PRIDE champion *rolls eyes*

  • x5BoltMainx says:

    Get off his ass already. McD’s is running a riot in his stomach, so maybe he wasn’t thinking straight about the Huerta/Guida fight.

  • Jersey Tomato says:

    Here’s something for Bas to consider: perhaps people consider Kimbo to be a thug because, when he wasn’t acting as a “bodyguard” for porn companies (I wonder what that entails), he was fighting dudes in bare knuckle backyard brawls for cash money. To some, that is sufficient grounds for being considered a thug.

    And that has nothing to do with his gold teeth or over-sized necklaces or his do-rag. Not sure where Bas was going with the dress issue as I have yet to hear or read anything about Kimbo’s attire. However, I have heard many question the amount of hype he has received since his Martial arts background is barely a year old. Similarly, I have heard many suggest that the real test of his MMA skills will come once he gets taken down by a legit BJJ practioner. Those are fair questions to be asking and I for one predict that he will get exposed once he steps in against real competition. In my eyes, he is but a HW version of Houston Alexander.

  • MacDaddy says:

    I hate it when people say “jiu-jitsu practitioner” for some reason it’s like sandpaper in my ears.

  • me says:


  • Mike_N says:

    I always kinda liked “jiu-jitsu player” myself.

  • Captain says:

    The knee is what did Clay in. Without it there would have been no RNC.

    I prefer to be called The Jiu-Jitsunami.

  • Knocked out, knocked off… we all know what he meant.

    The part of the article I DON’T like is when you brought up the Kimbo/Racism angle. I thought I had forgotten all about that journalistic abortion from BE.

  • Fowlkes is dead-on. Kimbo is taking on a black Jesus of MMA type persona and EliteXC is over-playing its hand. Carano and Huerta weren’t main eventers.

    Bas is right, but let’s not be naive. People are judged on appearances whether its fair or not. I just wish Bas would STFU about misinformed anti-elbows on Inside MMA. Pride is dead. Get over it Bas.