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If GSP was going to 185, here’s how he’d do it. Not that he’s going to. But just for reference.

Oh how foolish it was to think that we’d get a nice straightforward answer to the GSP / Anderson Silva situation once the Jake Shields fight was done. Georges gave the exact same non-answer he’s been giving since January, which I guess in a way is it’s own answer. Until he says ‘Yes I want the fight’ then no, he doesn’t want the fight.

At least now his coaching staff is allowed to comment on the theoretical possibility of moving up to 185 and how they’d approach it. Because your superfight blue balls aren’t giant and swollen enough as it is.

“He’ll be very small for a middleweight,” Zahabi told “If I balloon him up to over 200 pounds, it won’t do any good. There’s a point where you can have too much muscle and it’s not a good thing. I think he’s got the maximum amount you can put on his body without it starting to be detrimental.

“If he goes up [to 185], I would recommend he stay the same size. You don’t want Georges to go in there bulked up and unable to perform in the mechanical way that he does.”

“I’d probably push him up to 200 pounds for that fight,” Zahabi said. “He still wouldn’t be as big as Anderson and it wouldn’t be natural, but it would be better. If you do get on Anderson Silva, having an extra pounds on you is a good extra 10 pounds.”

Firas goes on to say he thinks Nick Diaz is probably next for Georges, and I suppose that’s an okay consolation prize … if the UFC can even pull that one off. I don’t know if the UFC is having problems putting together the fights we want or we just want the fights we can’t have. All those forbidden Strikeforce / UFC fights look pretty damn good, but so did Brittney Spears when she was jailbait. I’m sure once the leagues merge we’ll start looking at the Nicks, Gilberts and Alistairs less like prime Spears and more like the strung out one who’s vagina is all floppy and full of K-Fed semen.