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Idiot vs Asshole

Kevin Iole tracked down Dana White and got him to confirm the rampant rumors that Jesse ‘Pee Pants’ Taylor was already returning to the UFC. Bad news: yeah, it’s true. He’ll be fighting on the July 19th UFC Fight Night card. Good news: Taylor will be fighting CB Dollaway. Why is that good news? Because at least one of them HAS to lose. Here’s Dana’s comments on the situation:

“A lot of guys, they get off the show and they’re embarrassed by what they’ve done. And think about this: I’ve faced a lot of challenges since we’ve had the UFC, but I have a kid (Taylor) who pissed his pants on television and now I have to turn him into a star.”

White said Taylor enrolled in Alcoholics Anonymous and worked hard to rebuild his reputation.

“Without a doubt, the kid deserves another chance,” White said. “He made himself look like a fool, and he’s aware of that, but everyone deserves another opportunity and we’re going to give it to him. He acted like a moron. He’s embarrassed by it, which he should be, but what he did doesn’t amount to enough to ban him forever. Come on. He was just young and stupid, but at least he seems to have learned from what he did.”

My issue is that there are a lot of other young and stupid guys who’s problems were a lot less severe than Jesse Taylor’s who never got a second chance. And Taylor STILL IS young and stupid. Personally, the whole think reeks of the UFC trying to squeeze as much milage out of a worthless season of TUF as they can. Otherwise, you’d think that they’d have given Taylor the time to actually deal with his demons before throwing him back in the meat grinder.

  • jackal-matt says:

    That last season was shit. Atleast they got themselves another aw shucks I guess I am purdy good, Forrest griffen type fighter in Amir.

  • jd says:

    Young and stupid doesn’t change after a few months… Just because he enrolled into AA doesn’t mean he was successful. He should get a full year off.

  • Omomatta says:

    So then all of the guys who got booted in the past will have an opportunity to come back and fight again? Right? Skippy tits Ruediger, Marlon, Blonde haired kid who fought Marlon, Monsta Lobsta, Noah, Spicoli or whatever the fuck Serra’s buddies name was. Are they all getting a second chance for being young and stupid? Fuck pissy pants. I hope he loses. I hope they both lose somehow.

  • Dr. Gonzo says:

    I always thought that Tim Creuder was Jesse Taylor’s “George” like in “Of Mice and Men”. If Tim stays around Jesse he will be alright, unless he shoots him in the head

  • This is the TUF finale Dana White wanted.

  • bonzer says:

    so much for alcoholics “anonymous.” looks like everyone knows now thanks to dana’s interview. i wonder if dana is jesse’s support buddy in AA.

  • kentyman says:

    Tell me about the rabbits, Tim Credeur.

  • #1 Jackal says:

    nice one kent.
    Your right Ommamta
    Noah Inofer is a piece of shit, I am not arguing that, but he left the show for girlfriend reasons. No harm done, other than his love sick heart. He should be able to come back.
    Marlon Simms and that other kid, i think his name was Noah, got into a fight, no harm done other than one of them had a bloody head. They should be able to come back.
    Just like serra’s buddy that just left.
    In all of those cases nobody else had property damage or was sexually harassed like what Piss in Pants did. Why dont any of them get to come back.
    Either way, who gives a shit, they are all going to be gone and never heard of in about a year

  • Carcass says:

    Fuck Piss-Pants lay-and-pray boring-ass motherfucking redneck arsehole….
    *deep breaths*

  • This is going to be a really boring fight.

  • islandguy says:

    Can’t believe they way the guy was crying at getting kicked off the show – doesn’t the moron know that pissing your pants on TV and acting like a total loser is worth millions of dollars cold cash to the tv people? He didn’t blow it.. he totally aced it. He was the hottest property to come out of the show as far as potential ratings go and anyone who understands TV knows that, and I got news for you we will be seeing a lot of him.. that’s showbiz.

  • Jersey Tomato says:

    This move really angers me. Jesse Taylor symbolizes everything I hate about the TUF series. Why is it that every season we get some fucking retard who pisses on someone’s bed, pisses on the floor, pisses in the jacuzzi, or shits in the toilet tank??? (Who can forget the “upper-decker” episode and all the hijinks that followed?!?) What is it about wannabe fighters and their inability to keep their plumbing to themselves?? Since Dana views the furnishings in the fighter house to be more or less disposable, maybe he should start making disposable underwear available to the fighters. Drop Burger King as a fight sponsor and replace them with Depends. That would pretty much eliminate the potential for errant poop-balls hitting the mat, don’t you think?

  • But without idiots pissing everywhere they lose their core audience of douche bags.

  • ninjitsu says:

    I predict a head kick knockout followed by a golden shower finish. Primal rage style.

  • Marco9690 says:

    I was an asshole, piss-under-the-table-in-restaurants kind of a drunk, and haven’t drank for 17+ yrs thanks to an ANONYMOUS program, which is anonymous for a good reason…… should JT not stay sober, and I’d be willing to bet that he doesn’t, gets drunk, then the reflection is that anonymous programs don’t work, so fuck em…..fuck big mouth Dana and the Tanner of the new generation……. I hope I see JT in a meeting so I can tell him to STFU and to not use his 20 min. to fuck up an anonymous program…rantrantrant

  • Hammer says:

    “I own this town bro”, Dana White talking to JT after his idiotic rampage. I dont know what’s funnier, Dana whites inflated sense of self, or that ugly Mr. Ed looking JT already back in the bosom of Dana White. Where’s the credibility in letting Mr. Ed back in????

  • Beer_tester says:

    Hoping for a real good fight. By this I mean a dual career ending simultanious knockout!

  • Beer_tester says:

    Oh I meant “simultaneous”

  • Hammer says:

    I was thinking Mr. Ed ‘JT’ reminded me of someone, then it hit me, he must be Big J. McCarthys’ drunken nephew…

  • dignan says:

    Doesn’t he sorta own the town? At least in comparison to anyone on this site or anyone we know?

  • fightfan says:

    Just another way for the UFC to hype their “star” asshole. They can say he fought and beat everyone in the house, EXCEPT Amir. They will make excuses, liek Frankline to Silva, that some fighters just dont match up well against another.

    And why if Amir won the SHOW, WHY is buttface asslips getting a fight before Amir??? They are still pumping up and hyping that douchebag, even though he lost and was tooled by an amateur TWICE!!!!

  • Throken says:

    I really hope CB wins. I don’t really like him, but I like pissy-pants less.

  • maybe “Pee Pants” will fight Tim Sylvia and it could be marketed as the fight of the incontinent.

  • Tho up says:

    Dignan, D. White does border on the absurd when he says sh#4 like that.. Maybe Trump or Wynn might say that with a straight face.. Even the Fertittas are small fish in that town..