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Identify the bulge

There’s nothing more annoying than hearing stupid people talk about how MMA is “totally gay”. On the other hand, there’s nothing more amusing than making fun of the perception that MMA is totally gay (and therefore the people who think that way). For that reason I got a kick out of budding blogger Biff Hobart’s 10 undeniable proofs that MMA is in fact gay.

7 – JAMA Study – A recent study by the Journal of the American Medical Association showed that 98.6% of all self-proclaimed hardcore MMA fans were able to identify the fighter in the cropped image below without seeing the rest of the picture.

That one is my favorite because it’s true.

  • badass says:

    The reason why many people think MMA is gay is simply because they confuse everything S&M and bisexual or bicurious with “gay”, which is much more strict.