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I’d pay to see this fight :-p


I know, I know. Some days at Fightlinker just suck balls, and we turn to the bottom of the barrel content that only MMA forums can provide. But for fuck’s sake, I’m not a magical unicorn that secretes interesting mixed martial arts news! Give me something to work with, MMA! Throw me a freakin’ bone!

Anyways, this picture was done by forum member Altofsky. As a sidenote story, Sam Caplan tried to convince me to sign up for some contest where you get to box Danny Bonadeuce. I was like “Wow, what a prize … I get to be shit-kicked by a suicidal maniac who does nothing but drink and box at the gym 24/7. I’ll pass.”

  • dignan says:


    My money is on Carrot. Bonadouche is just a nimrod blowhard…Napoleon complex trying to be a bully.

    If I was given 6 months to train with a boxing coach I would fight Bonadouche no questions asked.

    Carrot scares me a bit more.

  • I make it a general rule not to fight anyone who’s tried to commit suicide

  • dignan says:

    Suicide: they try to kill themselves. I think you have it confused with the term MUR-DER-ER.


  • MMA Fever says:

    Neither would pass the piss test.
    Sweet poster!

  • Wu Tang says:

    My boxing is OK, i wouldnt mind fighting that fucken retard, no not top head, the other red ginger. Infact, im a stand up guy, i can bang if its mma, boxing is a different realm, let it be kick boxing or MMA ill make that ginger wish he never hit girls again! Hejust pisses me off.. LIke Margaret Choi, fucken gingers!!! Fucken asian ginger!! Asian fat gingers. Thats it, im goin to eat garlic from this point on!

  • Ted Dibiase says:

    south park is gay, quit using the wu’s name in vein you queer

  • Brian says:

    The Million Dollar Man has spoken. Don’t mess.

  • wtf says:

    Have u guys seen when the patridge fights a guy who actually boxes he gets his ass beat he’s a fucking pussy and your a bigger pussy for being scared to fight him u probably never been in a fight u should consider suicide yourself for not having a penis.

  • Atom says:

    This post was full of great comments.

    Perhaps the UFC could start some sort or mma version of celebrity boxing. The d-list celelbs they recruit could even pretend they were going to give their purses to charity.

  • Oh I’m sure Gary Shaw is working on it